Declaration Of War


Bayo in the Metal plated Dip Eagle form suddenly shot out to the sky, flapping his wings to gain an occasional thrust upwards. Once he was out of range, both of the sight of the guards and his companions, his body shivered, his entire form contorting in a blink.

What had been the gracious form of a Metal Plated Dip Eagle with it's scales and the metal casings here and there was suddenly reverted to the form of a falling Familiar. 

The Familiar had long hair, seemingly white eyes that seemed to glow distinctly despite the fact that there was light all about him. He free fell, spreading his arms to the wind, an exhilarating smile pasted on his face. On his body, he had the same gown that he had worn before, the one Vela had engineered for him.

Excitement soared through his heart now. At least now, Ronke would not have to go bonkers over the fact that he was nude. No, not at all.

The way the cloth had just magically appeared on hi


Now, things are getting interesting. Note to self, never trust a serpent! Hehehe

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