An Alternate Course

A Gateless Portal System is one key attribute of the town of Tuxela. Being one of the unaffiliated lands, which had been generally referred to as a Freezone due to ,the fact that no World Power not organization could lay claim to governance of such lands, it was teeming with life from various species. 

The GPS is a system built to mimic the workings of a World Bridge. While world bridges are naturally occurring, this is more of a built system to enable easy transport of people across long distances, within the same World. That is, one could only use a GPS to port across the entirety of the second heaven or the heaven which it was situated in, but unable to use the GPS to get away to another Heaven. It is for this reason that the World Bridges exist. And because of this, it has become a stopgap for people willing to traverse great meters of land in their journeys especially for those who lived around the region of which Tuxela is situated.

It is because of this f


We have gotten to the second half of volume two now. Getting closer to the Familiar Realms and I am excited, what about you? Some more character building here..

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