Lord Bello's Companions

The most revered and feared personality of the allied beastin is the Lord Bello, the grand commander. 

A bull beastin in his form, there is a rumor which has been all out about his personality. In the meeting of him, it is said that he is a very silent, brooding and quiet one but then again, whoever would mistake his silence as weakness would often be in for a shock. This has been the mystery which has objectified his whole existence. The accounts have it that he had been friends, close friends with Trixius the Great in the times when the Mad Prime was yet to rebel against the heavens. 

Being close friends with him, he had had his moments of which he had learnt from the genius being of Trixius,the Irunmole. And thus, he had been able to grow, to a large extent and become that which he was previously unable to become.. 


Oh, so this is the truth fo the matter? Bayo never got tot use the Zone. Hhahaa.. Such killjoy. But i really wished they could have stayed for longer tho. Maybe have some tea or stuff

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