Of Glory and Of Doom

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Of Glory and Of Doom

By: B.L James CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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A prophecy for the wolf king’s twin daughters, one would bring the doom to the empire and another would bring back the glory of the empire. One had to die for the prophecy not to come to pass, and the one who had to die was the twin of doom. The twin of doom has been killed and the prophecy averted. Princess Laura grew up being a pampered princess,Commander Lily grew up fighting hard to maintain her rank and Prince Nicholas grew up trying to please his father. These three got entangled in a web of lust, love, lies and false identities and they were played in the game of fate. Maybe the prophecies weren't possible to avert and they all had to pay heavily for messing with it.

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75 chapters
ONE - In the beginning
In the beginning, the werewolf kingdom lived in partial peace andi partial pain. The kingdom was at its finest and no other kingdom in the supernatural realm dared to against them. It was magical, the unity between them and lastly how they seemed to rule over everything else, it won’t be long before they take over the supernatural realm at this point. Every other supernatural had this notion too, except the Kayaans.However, there is a teeny tiny problem, the werewolf king had no child, no one to carry his legacies, and no one to help him feel the void in his heart. It was that bad because slowly, the king lost himself to the depression of watching other people have their children and love them. He wanted one too and his wife was saddened by it too. She wanted a child to pamper and take care of, when she got married to the wolf king, she felt on top of the world as if her joy were coming in triple folds. As a young wolf, every one of the lady’s dreams was to be the queen and hers did
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TWO - The young commander
The Kayaans were either known for two things; the ability to be invisible and the ability to master the art of war. No folklore has ever recorded the fatality of the Kayaans losing a war or that of a kayaan warrior ever being defeated at war. They went to war with their all and they came back with all the goodies of the war. History had no source for where the Kayaans originated from and why they were so hard to get rid of. Some say they were slave warriors of the gods that dominated the world before their descendants and some said they were the ones the gods put on earth to check and balance other supernatural. No one knew what was true and what was not. Unlike the other occupants of the realm, the Kayaans had a dark skin tone and they would tan naturally even without the sun. It was very easy to identify a Kayaan and they had weird names that sounded ancient. They had a strange language too that nobody outside their tribe understood.Deep in a large cave with greenery, the Kayaans f
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THREE - The chosen one
Lily had decorated her face with dark chalk, smearing her eyes with the dirt of the earth that they stood on and singing the songs of the old to everyone present while her eyes studied mbazi with the intensity of a lioness in hunting. Mbazi also had his face smeared but he did not recite the song. He did not utter a word or a sound, he was as quiet as a deathly viper, laying in wait for their prey.Lily started to prance, staff in hand and toes apart for easy block and defense, it was a skill she had taught herself from the time she chose the staff as a weapon. She had knew that this day would surface. Mbazi made ticking notices and started to advance towards her from the side, eyes on each other and toes close to each other, he took the form of a python king, staring strategically at Lily while Lily squatted to her breast, he lunged towards her in so much speed that the audience that had formed a circle around them gasped with fear.Lily had been waiting for this moment, this precise
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FOUR - Intruders
The moon was out. Stars arrayed in the sky illuminated the darkness. The kayaans were ready. They were all at the center of the village ready for the feast. The elders were getting ready for the feast rites. Each one of the twelve elders had a bat on their shoulder and their faces colored with black chalk. Merriment was ongoing and everyone was anticipating the feast rites. It was the most anticipated feast in the Kayaan kingdom as it meant new dawn. They were all looking forward to the presence of the new Commander. The priestess stood before them next to the altar. Ralph, her apprentice stood in his small form next to her. Ever since he started growing under her wing, this was the most exciting thing he has had to witness. The young apprentice couldn't wait to be in the position of the priestess one day so he too could perform the rites one day.Lily was in her cave unsure whether to attend her feast. Her nerves were getting the best of her and her heart wouldn't stop throbbing. She
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FIVE - Laura
Hollow. That's the feeling that you get when you walk through the wolf kingdom. Places that were once creeping with Ivy and scattered with roses, now lay desolate. You could see what was left of fountains and stone hedges, houses, and stores. The wolf kingdom was falling. And it was falling fast.Some years ago, immediately after the wolf king took I'll and was sheltered from worrying eyes, the kingdom began to eat away. Like something infectious was finally making its round. And making sure that we saw the progress and the mark that was left on the town.Yes, the wolves stayed by the king. They didn't seek for greener pastures and ease to their riotous stomachs, they were forever loyal to their sovereign and they would see him to the end. If he lived to see more moons.Princess Laura, the king's only and loved daughter, could be called a fool. Not foolish per se, but the people of the kingdom didn't look too fairly upon her. She didn't act like she was capable of ruling after her dad
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SIX - Not Good
Her face fell. Her chest heaved with sorrow. When she had been informed that her father wanted to meet her, it had not occurred to her that marriage would be the subject of conversation."I'm getting married?" She asked incredulously. It was so sudden, so unexpected that it made her want to cry. Her father nodded slowly and said, "Yes, Laura. You're getting married. You didn't expect to remain single all the days of your life, did you?". He had a tiny smile on his face and she wondered if he found this amusing, if he thought the pain in her eyes was a joke."Why are you saying this all of a sudden? You have picked someone out for me?" She asked. Perhaps, her father was getting too desperate. How could she make him see reason with her? How would she explain to him that this wasn't what she wanted? She did not want somebody that her father had chosen for her. She did not want to even have this conversation right now."Yes, you are getting married to prince Nicholas" her Father said with
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SEVEN - Suprise!
Nicholas swung his sword left, right, ducking the way he'd been taught to when the dummy mechanically swung its sword at him in an offensive way that would have slashed his chest, something Nicolas thought would greatly please his sadistic father if he hadn't parried the strike.It was all his father's idea, making him train with a dummy. Something Nicolas had thought would be easy until he realized the dummy fought harder and more expertly than anyone he'd ever trained with. Nice, Nicholas bitterly thought, slashing again and missing the dummy who stepped out of the attack zone and roughly kicked at his legs, making him stumble and barely keep his balance. Nicholas didn't know what to call this bloodthirsty thing fighting with him but 'dummy' didn't cover it."Watch your feet, Nicholas! You're too negligent with your feet!" His father barked from where he was sitting, munching on grapes and watching his son fight something greater than him. Nicholas was suspecting that the man was g
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EIGHT - History
Lily sighed for the nth time listening to the elders speak about the history of the Kayaan Kingdom. It was something she had heard over and over again and her ears were definitely getting bored of sending the information to her brain. All she wanted to do was explore her new position and power as the commander of the Kayaans. It came with more respect than she thought.Her lips curved upwards when she saw Baba Mbari saunter into the secret room. The secret room was where the elders, priestess and commander were to meet. It was the only place they could get privacy to speak about weighty things.Baba Mbari sat on a stool listening to the other elders speak about the Kingdom. His eyes flickered from Lily to the priestess every now and then. He wanted to cut off Sarandi who was speaking but he knew just like the others that some stories are better left untold. The elder couldn't be more proud of Lily. Ever since she arrived at the Kayaan Kingdom, she was entrusted with him. He was to car
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NINE - Unknown
He kicked up his feet, watching as the dust rose into the air, disappearing slowly into the evening sky. The sight was almost entrancing and he found himself kicking up some more dust and watching it go before he realized he was indulging in some childish impulse and he gritted his teeth, picking up his pace as he walked around the palace grounds.It was a habit he'd developed a long time ago and he'd figured out that it didn't actually relieve any of his stress, it just created a distraction from the problems by giving him something else to think about. Like how his calf was burning with the strain of walking. It reminded him of some things that couldn't be kept at bay no matter how he tried.As he walked past the dead garden where creepers and moses had made their home, he couldn't help but grimace at the poor state the kingdom was in. The once blooming gardens of fresh roses, hyacinths, tulips and different types of flowers that had reeked of life and prosperity had withered and die
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TEN - A new discovery
"But you did a good job, keep it up,"Prince Nicholas just couldn't get his father's words out of his head. There was something about those words that gave him hope. Those few words brought his hope of his father fully accepting him and he was sure his mother was smiling from heaven having heard the King say such words. It was beyond the bounds of possibility to get his father to say such words and that only meant one thing. Those words were genuine. It calmed Prince Nicholas that his father meant his words. There was light at the end of the tunnel. He was close to winning his father over.The young prince got out of his bathroom, a white towel wrapped around his waist. He smirked at the sight before him. It was just perfect. A good way to unwind after a really long day.He joined the maid in his bed, slowly caressing her cheek. He moved closer to her, burying his nose to the crook of her neck. His nose picked up a familiar smell of roses. They smelled like the ones in the palace.
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