Rebirth: I Rewrite My Own Story

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Rebirth: I Rewrite My Own Story

By: Chanhlee CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Being betrayed by his teammates, Alex thought his life had come to an end. However, he is reborn six years into the past, a time when the apocalypse has yet to begin! Moreover, he discovers the truth about the world... Armed with strange abilities, Alex embarks on a journey to defeat monsters, ascending to the pinnacle of power. But will everything end so simply? As massive conspiracies unfold behind the scenes, the world must confront an unprecedented threat. Who will be the hero in this chaotic world?!

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  • tonipacis


    story appears to be very promising in terms of plot, storyline and characters. Just started reading, so these are just first impressions.

    2023-12-16 07:31:41
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Chapter 1: Rebirth
In the gloomy atmosphere, raindrops fell lightly on the ground as if someone lamented the fate of others. Alex's eyes were stained with red, making everything in his sight seem bloodied. He heard the cheerful laughter of the comrades he once trusted and ventured far with. His body felt cold, and Alex's mind seemed to constrict."I will die here," Alex whispered to himself. Six years of struggling for the last gasp of life resulted in a senseless death. Alex felt hatred, intense hatred. He despised those who plunged the world into chaos, those who betrayed him.Alex vowed to make them pay a hundred, a thousand times over if given a chance. Alex died without closing his eyes, his bloodshot eyes staring blankly into the void. A lightning bolt cut across the sky, intensifying the rain.In the end, he would be forgotten like any other."Alex... if you die, I'll have it all! Ha ha ha!""Alex...""Alex... what happened to you?"The chaotic sounds blended into one another. Alex furro
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Chapter 2: Reversal of Fortunes?
Seeing Alex go up to the second floor, someone immediately mocked and said, "Alex, go upstairs to eat. It will be really embarrassing if you don't have money to pay later."Immediately, laughter echoed incessantly. However, Alex paid no attention to them and continued to climb the stairs step by step.Seeing Alex ignore them like that, others were immediately angered, and mockery ensued. "He suddenly goes to the second floor, surely to find Julia.""Is he crazy? Isn't he afraid of getting beaten by Steven again? Does he really lose his mind because Julia stole his heart?""Let it be, ignore him. Let's wait until he gets beaten, and we'll have something fun to watch."They spoke and laughed incessantly. In their eyes, Alex was clearly nothing more than an ant facing Steven.At this point, Alex had already reached the second floor. The second floor had fewer people, with soothing music and a calm atmosphere, completely different from the first floor.Seeing someone new coming up, the
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Chapter 3: Going Home
Finally, Julia was the first to react. She rushed to help Steven get up, her eyes filled with concern as she asked, "Steven, are you okay?"Both of Steven's eyes were red with anger and pain, the veins on his neck and forehead bulging, giving him a somewhat frightening appearance. He pushed Julia aside, gritting his teeth. "Move!" Julia fell to the ground, her face immediately showing anger.At this point, Steven didn't pay attention to her and growled, "Why are you all just standing there? Hurry up and beat him for me. Beat him to death if you have to!"His followers immediately reacted, looking towards Alex, their eyes showing a hint of hesitation. Finally, someone spoke up, "We have three people. There's nothing to be afraid of!"These words seemed to give additional strength to the others. They exchanged glances for a moment, then collectively rushed towards Alex.In the end, it was a scene that Julia and the others never expected. Alex lifted his foot and kicked one of Stev
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Chapter 4: Suddenly Gaining Special Abilities!
Some people noticed that the person standing next to them suddenly illuminated and was then sucked into the gate, disappearing without a trace. At the same time, different numbers appeared above the gate, and over time, these numbers began to decrease. It took a long time for people to realize that these numbers represented the count of individuals pulled into the dungeon. As the numbers decreased, it meant that more people had died. And until the count reached zero, another random selection process would begin, forcibly taking those nearby into the dungeon to fulfill a mission.Initially, people thought that staying away from the gate would prevent them from being pulled into the dungeon. And they were right... However, death came in a different way. When no one entered the dungeon to complete the mission, the monsters inside would overflow and start wreaking havoc and slaughtering. High-rise dragons, or giant eagles with sharp spikes on their backs... Creatures of different
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Chapter 5: The Magical Space Inside the Jade Ring
This scroll of paper seems large, floating, and undulating in front of Alex, emitting a faint and pure light. However, the portion available for Alex to draw is very limited, almost equivalent to just one sheet of A4 paper.Without much thought, Alex picks up the pen and attempts to draw a sword. Drawing a sword is not difficult. Although the result is not perfect, it can still be recognized as the shape of a sword. A dazzling light appears, and a "sword" hovers in front of Alex.Clearly, it's the shape of a sword but only 30cm long. At the same time, Alex feels the energy in his body being quickly drained."Boom!" Alex falls directly onto the bed without the strength to move. He looks up at the "sword" floating in front of him, truly feeling helpless. He even feels like he could spurt blood!What on earth is happening with this power? At least a sword should have the standard length of a sword, right? What is this thing in front of him? A kitchen knife?Seemingly aware of Alex
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Chapter 6: The Strange Transformation
Alex had just returned home when he received a call from the school."Hello, Alex. You will be expelled for causing a fight and injuring a fellow student at school."This was clearly the voice of the principal.Alex smirked sarcastically, "Why don't you ask what your son did? The injuries he sustained probably just required him to stay in bed for two days. Yet, here I am, getting expelled. It's funny how strict the school rules are. I wonder how many times Steven must have been protected by you to avoid getting expelled despite being notorious for bullying. Ha ha."The principal was stunned by Alex's words and couldn't respond immediately.In her contemplation, things had never been like this before.Alex was a studious person, a typical bookworm. Ideally, upon hearing the expulsion notice, he should be remorseful and beg for another chance instead of turning around and mocking her like this!The principal was truly angered. She gripped the phone tightly, her face furious. "It seems
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Chapter 7: Unexpected Events in the Shopping Center
The speed of Alex was incredibly fast, as if his bike pedals wanted to create a blur. Finally, he arrived at a shopping center in the middle of the city.He swiftly rode into the center, handing the bike to an attendant with a smile, saying, "Hold onto this for me; it's my important means of transportation."The attendant frowned at the bike in his hands, then looked at Alex's departing figure. Eventually, he casually set the bike aside.Alex entered the shopping center nonchalantly. Meanwhile, Julia linked arms with Steven, furrowing her brows as she looked ahead. "Darling, do you find that person somewhat familiar?" she asked.Steven followed Julia's gaze, seeing a nimble figure handing off a bike to an attendant before entering the shopping center. The speed was incredibly fast, like a gust of wind. Despite differences in hairstyle, that face was unmistakable. Steven furrowed his brows, gritted his teeth, and said, "That's Alex!"Nearly two months had passed, but Steven's an
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Chapter 8: Crime Terrorism
Alex stepped aside, and upon hearing Steven speak like that, he couldn't help but widen his eyes in disbelief. Steven's mind seemed genuinely unable to cope. Indeed, at this moment, the leader, also a girl, turned her serious gaze towards Steven.She was dressed in a crisp military uniform, with a sturdy physique, even taller than Alex. She coldly glanced at Steven and said, "This citizen, we are conducting a large-scale operation related to the safety of everyone here. We hope you can cooperate and maintain order."Steven blushed at being addressed this way. He clenched his fists, unable to utter a word. At this moment, Alex on the side suddenly burst into laughter. Others couldn't help but look at him, and Steven was so angry that his eyes turned red, gripping his hands tightly. However, with EIB staff present, he dared not say anything more.They were quickly escorted to the main hall. Now they saw that many people had gathered under the hall, all of them shoppers in the mal
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Chapter 9: Catching Criminals
Almost as soon as Voltia finished speaking, everyone's eyes turned towards Alex. Alex: "..." Is his unfortunate luck starting to take effect again? Alex thought bitterly, but he didn't say anything more. He just took off his hat and cap.Then he looked up at Voltia and asked, "Is this good enough?" White hair is not uncommon, and it can always be dyed. It's just rare to see naturally white hair like Alex's.Voltia squinted at Alex for a moment but ultimately said nothing more. Just then, one of the five suddenly spoke up: "Why is it like this? There should only be one terrorist, right? So why are we also brought here? What is that machine basing on to determine if we are criminals or not? I doubt its authenticity!"This was a somewhat skinny man but tall in stature. At this moment, he looked angry, his eyes red, and the veins on his neck and forehead bulging, giving him a somewhat terrifying appearance. It was clear that he was truly panicked and enraged.The mother and son pa
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Chapter 10: The Terrorist Explodes!
Certainly, Voltia's thoughts were also unconfirmed; he merely glanced at Alex with an unfriendly look before starting to clean up everything. At this moment, Steven was still sprawled on the ground, his eyes showing disbelief as he looked at Alex. Even though he knew Alex was skilled in fighting, he didn't expect him to be this proficient. Alex's speed and strength were incomparable to ordinary people. Alex's actions today would undoubtedly be recorded and honored, as he practically saved the entire city.As for Steven, he could only tremble and do nothing; how humiliating! Steven was infuriated to the point that his eyes turned red, his whole body shaking. Alex, looking at him, smiled and said, "Are you so scared that you can't even stand up? Quite embarrassing, isn't it?"Steven glared at Alex, feeling no gratitude for being rescued. He muttered, "Wretched!" and then struggled to stand up. He swore not to let today's events pass, as he had money and was determined to crush A
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