Immortal Journey of the Wu Clan's Twin Dragons

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Immortal Journey of the Wu Clan's Twin Dragons

By: TSETH OngoingFantasy

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*Update schedule: 7 Chaps per week: 3 Tues, 2 Thurs, 2 Sat.* Does the death of billions of people even have any meaning to it? It's like once the number passes a certain threshold we humans are unable to imagine the severity such a scale entails. The once prosperous Immortal Domain witnessed its destruction due to an unknown disaster. A disaster that wiped out 2/3 of its entire population in mere hours. Billions, no, even trillions of lives might have been lost. After the Immortal Domain's Destruction, it was split into the Fragmented Lower Realms and the High Heavens known as the Upper Realm. However, all was not lost. From the flickering embers of life that remained, and after countless years, an Era that would eventually be known as the Resurgence Era was starting to show its first signs of brilliance. These first sparks were located in a Fragmented Realm called the Wither Daemon Realm, in which there was a planet named Daiyu. On this planet, heavenly prodigies that were born with one of the thirty rare Legendary Physiques were starting to pop up like common weeds. Longwei, a loudmouth and arrogant brat was born into the Wu Clan while possessing the third-rank Legendary Physique, the Dao Physique. He was also known as one of the six monster-level geniuses on planet Daiyu. His brother Longmin, his opposite, a quiet and reserved boy, though was an equally terrifying genius in his own right, had faded into obscurity since his birth and was estranged by their father after a certain catastrophic incident. This story is the supposed legends of two dragons, who through a journey of bloodshed and betrayal, led their clan to unify the Immortal Domain and stand above Demons and Gods as powerful existences. This is the Immortal Journey of the Wu Clan's Twin Dragons.

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92 chapters
Prologue: Destruction And Rebirth, The Beginning Of A New Era And Generation
Within the Immortal Domain, there exists the Upper Realm and the Lower Realms.However, in ancient times such was not the case. The Immortal Domain at that time had only consisted of one realm with thousands of galaxies and planets within it.In that era, legendary immortals existed who possessed strength that could allow them to hold entire planets or even galaxies within their grasp.Their profound comprehension of the laws between heaven and earth could allow them to do remarkable feats.They were the pinnacle of power that the trillions of mortals look up to and worship wholeheartedly, and in exchange for their worship and devotion, those immortals would bless them with peace and prosperity. The mortals thought that as long as they had the protection and blessings of those immortals, then everything was fine.However, during an uneventful epoch, something happened silently and slowly. It went unnoticed at first, but gradually, the mortals soon realized that the immortals they were
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Chapter 1- The Favoritism Of A Father
"I'M BACK!!"The sound of the Wu Clan's Ancestral building door being pushed open could be heard along with a loud shout that blasted throughout its main hall.The voice echoed on the mountain peak where the building was situated and then drifted downwards until it reached the other buildings that were at the foot of the mountain.All the servants and elders on the Ancestral Mountain turned their heads towards the deafening sound with surprise. Several loud crashes even sounded echoed from there.Several of the servants had been so shocked that the plates they were carrying fell to the floor."Yo-Young Master Longwei, please don't do that again!"One of the two guards at the entrance of the main hall spoke with a slight tremble in his voice, while the other looked towards the sky with a pale face.Both guards were sweating buckets in fear and panic.Not because the volume of the voice had scared them, but because this mountain was considered to be sacred grounds in the Wu Clan. Only t
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Chapter 2- That Stupid Brother Of Mine
After cupping his fist, the middle-aged man that stepped out of the void bowed and greeted the Patriarch and Grand Elder before he said."On the way back from the Central Continent there were two Sage Realm experts that were planning an ambush in secret, but I killed them before they got the chance to.""Did you find out who sent them?"The Patriarch looked relatively calm but a tinge of killing intent was behind his words.Shaking his head, elder Sun answered."No Patriarch. They were dressed as rogue cultivators and when I perform a soul search on them their memories about their origins and backgrounds were already erased, it also seems like they were being controlled like human puppets."Hearing that, the Patriarch's eyes turn cold and the killing intent he was suppressing erupted. An intense and chilling sensation immediately enveloped the main hall, causing the temperature in the room to drop."Someone actually tried to harm my son?"Feeling the intense killing intent being relea
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Chapter 3- Pandemonium At The Training Grounds
The training grounds for the Wu Clan were located at the foot of the Battle Pavilion's mountain, quite some distance away from the Ancestral Mountain which was located in the center of the clan.The Ancestral Mountain was surrounded by four mountain peaks' that had four divisions of study. There was the Alchemy Division on the east mountain, the Demonic Beast Taming Division on the north mountain, the Rune and Formation Division on the south mountain and the Battle Division on the west mountain.In the center of these mountains and around the Ancestral peak, clan members residing in households, along with shopping districts, sub-branches of the four divisions, and other buildings present.The four divisions only allowed their disciples to live on the mountain peaks. To become a disciple of one of the four divisions only one requirement has to be met, which is to have a spirit root.A Spirit root is essential when Cultivating Spiritual Qi, without it a person would be doomed to stay a
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Chapter 4- Was Your Journey Home Worry-free?
The training grounds of the Wu Clan were rather large. After one entered through the main entrance they would be greeted with an open area that could hold about two stadiums.It had spectator seats that could hold more than a few thousand people. At its center were three huge podiums and four smaller ones. Off to the sides were areas with training dummies and targets that could be used for weapon practice.On one of the smaller podiums that were closer to the main entrance, and where the crazed disciples were crowding around, a youth dressed in white scholar robes was there sitting in a lotus position.He gave off a gentle and refined temperament that would make him stand out in any crowd. One striking feature of this youth that one would immediately notice upon looking at him was that his left pupil was blue while his right pupil was golden.Coupled with his shoulder-length ash-brown hair and his smooth pale white skin, he gave people the sense of being odd. But this oddness was like
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Chapter 5- I Won (Part 1)
Looking at his brother with an annoyed expression, Longwei ignored the question and instead said."Twin or not, I'm still the older brother so it's only right for you to address me as such.""I'll call you elder brother when you’re on our deathbed, consider it a parting gift."Longmin's instant rebuttal caused Longwei to become speechless.His tone was filled with so much cheekiness you wouldn’t believe he was still smiling all warmly as he said it.Narrowing his eyes, Longwei locked his gaze with a smiling Longmin. Suddenly, his hand slammed on the chair’s armrest.Slap! Boom! Whoosh!The chair he was leisurely sitting on was slapped to pieces, giving him the momentum to leap off the edge of the booth into the air.The crowd below looked up to see Longwei's dragon-like figure soar across a distance of eighty meters to arrive above the stage. With the sun behind him, everyone could only make out his silhouette.While still floating in the air from the inertia, Longwei placed his palms
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Chapter 6- I Won (part 2)
About sixty feet away from the stage, the disciple saw another Longmin standing there in his white scholar's robes.However, his refine and scholarly air was gone and his calm smile was replaced by an ice-cold expression.The disciples immediately did a double-take before they turn to look back at where Longmin had been sitting only to see the image of Longmin fading away. They did a triple take as their eyes started to widen in amazement.Longmin had moved so far a distance with such speed that an afterimage was created, thus causing the misconception of him being pierced through by the three Sword Qi."You actually infused Sword Qi into the palm. What if I wasn’t able to dodge in time, what would you have done?!"Longmin yelled while his body started to tremble from anger.Longwei, however, just smiled and nonchalantly said."What are you so angry about? At most you'd only get a scratch.""Bullshit!!"Longwei's words immediately provoked the refined and scholarly Longmin to the poin
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Chapter 7- That Old Fogie!
When Longwei's hand had come in contact with the illusory Longmin he had felt faint fluctuations of what he thought was Spiritual Sense. But by the time he wanted to dodge, a rune had appeared below his feet trapping him in place.Longwei was a bit skeptical, how could this brother of his use Spiritual Sense when he was only in the Foundation Realm? And the early stage at that! He should be working on developing his Spiritual Strength just like him.Spiritual Sense was something only Core Formation cultivators had, compared to a Foundation cultivator’s Spiritual Strength it's a hundred times better!Spiritual Strength was inferior because unless there was a medium it can't leave the body. For example, a blacksmith at the Foundation Realm can send his Spiritual Strength into a piece of metal and understand its structure to create a better weapon, but even then, his understanding of its inner structure will be blurry and unclear.However, with a Core Formation's Spiritual Sense not only
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Chapter 8- Legendary Physiques Are Popping Up Like Common Weeds
With a loud thud, Longwei was dropped butt-first onto the stage.He let out a muffled whimper as his sore butt made contact with the reinforced concrete.His face had also turned pale white and a few tears were seen in the corner of his eyes.Crawling up on all four, he gave a hateful stare towards Longmin who in turn just smiles at him apologetically.Suddenly, another voice echoed above the stage."Wei'er, come see me in the Ancestral hall."When Longmin heard that voice a complicated emotion flashed past his blue and gold pupils, but his smiling expression didn't change.Longwei grunted before struggling up fully and walking as a penguin would off the stage.His butt was in excruciating pain. A sort of fire was in his chest at being humiliated by that old fart, but he had nowhere to vent. He could only suck it up.However, Longwei's eyes suddenly landed on a young man that was trying his best to blend in with the crowd.When Longwei came close to the main entrance of the training g
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Chapter 9- Under The Cover Of Night
Hearing his son's question, the Patriarch didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Longwei however, just looked at his Father with confusion written all over his face.He really wanted to know the reason because, on the journey back from the Central Continent, his mind was constantly preoccupied with this thought.He had read ancient texts about Legendary Physiques in the Wu Clan's library as he had one as well, and it was said that the requirements needed for a planet to produce someone with a Legendary Physique were very stringent.It was so hard that a planet could go tens of thousands of years without ever having someone born with a Legendary Physique.However, here on planet Daiyu, the weakest of the four planets in the Wither Daemon Realm. There was not only one person with a Legendary Physique but five!And that's not including him!Longwei was right to be confused because a planet that could produce six Legendary Physiques in the same generation is like winning a scratch lottery w
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