Power Levels

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Each power level signifies a Class and the amount of energy available to that class. 

Classes —— Energy Allocated

Basic Class -               1-20

Ground Class/Messenger -            21-999

Elite Class -                 1000 - 100,000

Omni Class -                101k - 499k

Lord. —                        501k - 3,000,000

Omega —                    3,100,000- 8,000,000

Beta ———                 8,000,000 -14,999,999

Alpha —-                 15,000,000 - 199,999,999

Prime-               200,000,000- 500,000,000

Ascendancy- 500,000,000- 1,999,999,999

DemiGod - 1.50B - 1trl

God- 1trillion to ???( extent is not known)

To grow in soul class three steps

1. Pushing oneself to the limits

Also referred as Soul Tasking

2. Meditation in an Agbara concentrated environment or just intense meditation

Agbara concentrated environs are rather hard to find or if found are occupied by dangerous creatures or demons, while Intense Meditation takes quite a very long time to achieve as it pushes energy limit bit by bit.

Also referred as Meditation.

3. Absorption of GoldMints: 

GoldMints are little gold coins that are coagulation of condensed Agbara. Distributed by the gods, absorption of some many gold mints will help massively in refining one's soul for ascension to the next levels.

Also referred as Soul Refining.


Please Note 


In between these classes exist Pseudo Classes. Pseudo classes exist at the peak of each class and requires a lot of effort to break through onto the next class. Hence it is possible to see someone with 14,999,999 energy and after absorbing energy, the person is still stuck.


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Expatriation Of Power Levels

A publication by Ijinle Orun

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