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He loved her at first sight, But she didn't feel the same, she hated him. A 15-year-old boy, DESHAN ALVEREZ DEVILLE suddenly became what he dreads most in life, what he loathed most .. VAMPIREs. He became a vampire king overnight, then looked back and saw that the life he had been living was all lies But he loved it. But now he believes he is nothing but a nightmare. 300 years later he becomes the most powerful and dreadful king everyone fears. He was once afraid of death ..but death can't even gaze him in the eye anymore. He feels nothing for anyone or anything anymore .. nothing tastes right to him..nothing seems to catch his scrutiny. He was just living for existing sake. Until he met HER. A twenty-four-year-old female AVELINE GRAY cherishes her job and has ambitions and pursuits in her career. She believes she has nothing to worry about in the world because she has a black belt in taekwondo. She does not believe in the supernatural or anything beyond life, she was a normal lady whose life was going on well just like any typical girl of her age. Until she met HIM. AND EVERYTHING CHANGED. Deshan tried everything he could do to make Ava love him back, and when she finally loved him back. Due to the fear of losing the only person he has felt something for, He decided to push her away with very hurting words. " I never loved you, I only lusted after you, you seem Like a sweet little kitten who will spread her legs just For anything. But now, you offended me by telling me You love me, and I don't sleep with anyone who is in love With me".

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The Prophecy
THE PROPHECY. It was the full red moon today, the day which the people of Menali found disastrous. Everyone in town is anxious and afraid about what's to come. The people are always terrified of the full red moon because it brings out the beastly and monstrous side of the blood sucking creatures called vampires. The town has been dominated by a particular Vampire clan for centuries. The humans ran Helter and Skelter to save themselves from thirsty vampires who are ready to suck anything that has blood in it. Deshan is a boy of 15 years old trying to strive for himself and his family,he is the only son in the family of four ,his father died of cancer when he was 8 years of age. His small town where he and his family resided had been invaded by Vampires and there was nothing anyone could do about it . Deshan tried everything in his power to keep his family safe from the blood suckers but everything was all in vain when four hefty thirsty vamps knocked their door down and entered th
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After 300 Years
300 years later 🔥 Aveline's POV "Jesus Christ! Noah you're going to be late for class and I'll be late for work, you better get your ass down here right now! if you don't want your ass wiped" I yelled after 30 minutes of getting done and my brother was still not ready. I mean I'm the lady here. I'm supposed to be the one taking two hours to get dressed.After about another twenty five minutes of waiting he finally came downstairs looking like a runaway model. " If you stop yelling at every little thing someday I'm sure you'll get yourself a boyfriend" he said while looking at himself In the mirror for the upteenth time. " Seriously Noah! c'mon! you're late for school and you know that!I'm sure you're going to get me sacked one day" I rolled my eyes at him after pulling him out of our apartment forcefully. " You know I'm a pretty boy,the school popular boy .I should always look pretty and handsome and also maintain my public figure," he said with a smirk on his face. "oh?
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The Ball Party
Deshan's POV I sat at my desk,while going through the contract files,and I'm still angry at the fact that I'm going out for a meeting today ,and not just any office meeting?! we have to meet at a Ball party ?! just what the fuck is that …"ughh" I groan again when I hear my office door opener ..I don't need to look up to check who it is.the only person who dared to come into my office without knocking was the one who called himself my Bestfriend and my second in command Brandon. " A knock won't kill you ...but I certainly will" I said to him coldly..before looking up at him and there he was with a ice cream bucket in his arm,I mentally facepalmed myself when I saw him. "you've known me for Like ...ummm, 300 years do I ever knock?" he said while taking a spoonful of ice cream . " you are a vampire brad.. fucking behave like one" I said to him." and what the fuck do you want ... I hate seeing your face." I added again . "ouch! c'mon deshan I know you love me .
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The Next Meet
Aveline's pov I woke up with a terrible headache that got me hissing ....." Ughhh jeez why is this room so bright..Elenaaa why the fuck did you pull up the blinds" I murmured while I rolled off the bed and landed on the floor ..even the floor feels like bed . I opened my eyes a little so it would adjust with the light before opening up finally... looked around the room and I couldn't find Elena .. I groaned and got up to pull back the blinds so the room would become dimmer . I went back to bed and pulled the covers over my head ." You're not trying to sleep again are you?" I heard Lena say while pulling the blinds open again for the second time that morning ." Ughh Lenaa what is your problem with the blind..and how are you not hungover.. you drank more than me yesterday " I complained." I don't know... I get drunk quickly but I don't always get hungover know that .. just get up already and make us some breakfast " she said while pulling one one of my legs.. " Let me
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Psycho Stalker
Chapter 5Elena 's pov How on Earth I'm I going to tell my Bestfriend that I am in love with her brother ,just how will I do that ,I don't want anything to ruin our friendship and I certainly don't want it to end, I need her in my life Right now just as much as I needed her brother. I sighed as I watched her leave through my window .I went back to the sofa and laid a spiral on it . I have an evening In-date with Noah today and I almost forgot that's the main reason why I have to throw her out so suddenly I can't let her find out I am dating her brother at least not yet . Stood up from where I was and headed to the bar stand and poured myself a glass of non alcoholic mochetto wine. I poured my second glass then I heard my doorbell ring and the happiness that wasn't in me before suddenly sprouted out . I checked myself in the nearest mirror to check if I looked good,I knew deep in my mind that there was no need cos I am always looking good. I opened the door and the
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In Love With You
Deshan's pov "You! I know you?! You're the guy from the party" she said without batting an eye, and I smirked. She seems like that type of person that's always not scared of anything,she always mesmerizes me."Well? I'm glad you still know me. I am not very easy to forget, I think?" "What do you think you're going on about mister, you just had me kidnapped" she yelled." Uhm about that, I just told them I'd like to see you, I don't mean for them to kidnap you" I said and sat opposite of her." They are your men, pretty face, don't give me that,let me go right now" she said, yelling again and again." I like the nickname you give me" I said and raised my brows anticipating what her reply would be ,but instead she just sat there dumbfounded. " Really? Do you think I'd like to name you right now? Let me go this instant,if my family does not get hold of me within an hour they'll call the police and you'll be in big trouble!" She finally said. "Watch your mouth pretty, you
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The Elders Of Menali
Third person's Pov It was dim as if it would be night time soon, the elders of Menali sat around their round meeting table and looked serious as if they were about to plan for a war. "He calls himself the king, shouldn't he be here by now? We elders are taking it too easy on him, he doesn't even deserve to be on that seat, because his father was a great king does not mean he'll be one " elder Dolores said while tapping his fingers on the table repeatedly. " Know what you talk about Dolores, keep going on about who should be king or not ,and you're going to bring abomination upon us!" Elder Lois said while flaring up. She doesn't like anything elder Dolores does and even the elder himself . " We are the top elders of Menali, you people should know better than to start bickering every time there is a meeting!!We are here to talk about the safety of this town !King Alverez should be here ! But he never came to any of our meetings and he calls himself a king?!
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Third person's POV It was a cloudless and sunny Saturday morning, Ava tossed on her bed with a smile on face. She was happy she did not have to go to work today and get pestered by manager Li. She got off her bed when she realized she was too hungry to be in bed. She had gone to bed without eating anything last night because she was too exhausted and was also sleepy. She got into her bright blue polka dot onesie and dragged herself downstairs. She went to the kitchen and stood for a minute thinking of what to eat exactly, but she later decided she was still too tired to cook something. She opened her fridge and took out a box of Oreos and placed it on the countertop. She took a glass and poured herself some milk. She took both food and walked back to her living room and sat down on her favorite sofa with her legs sprawled out. While she took the first bite of her Oreo, her thoughts drifted back to Noah. He hasn't been coming home lately and she w
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Chicken in blue Onesie
Ava's POV Elena texted me about 20 minutes ago that she would be here, but she has not gotten here yet, I still don't know what to say about all these, they all seem too expensive for me to even touch or put on. I heard a car stop outside and several horn sound followed after. I smiled to my self knowing who that was, I went towards the door eagerly and opened. " yo!! girl what the fuck was that?!" She screamed as soon as she came down from her car and saw me in the door way, I had to shush her quickly so she won't end up disturbing the neighbors. I dragged her inside before I replied. " I don't know what it is and I am just as surprised as you" I said and I sat down next to her as she went through the gifts looking bewildered. " oh my god, he is such a gentle man.. Damn and he has good taste" Elena said as she lifted up the black pantie that was in the lingerie box and i literally facepalmed my self. " stop that!, do you know how much these costs?"
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Love You, Hate You
Deshan's POV She sat opposite of me and sighed a little, she looks uncomfortable, but I don't want her to be uncomfortable with me…so I decided to try my luck to make her feel better. " you look Beautiful and amazing tonight Aveline, I guess I picked the right choice of clothes" I commended truthfully and praised my self a little. She looked at me and smiled which made her relax. " Are you praising me or your self" she said and bit her lips. " what does it look like, I own all of you so if I am praising you that means I am praising my self. " cocky much Uhh" she replied while looking down at the blue colored drink before her, I don't even know the name I just told them to give me the best of the best. " only for you…So how do you…" I was cut off by the sound of her stomach, grumbling. I smirked and look up at her with her face covered in red with embarrassment. " you didn't eat?" I asked and she nodded her head, I guess she was too embarrassed by tha
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