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THE STORY BEGINS WITH OUR MC "SHIN". As his daily life he was a college student, just as he was going to college. nothing seems to be right along the way as things of mishappening start to happen. As the struggle unfolds many secrets to Shin, He get to aware of many things that will help him get through this. The things he have to face stands in front of him and everyone's freedom to roam freely. As this is a full scale crisis of Zombies that had fall upon the humanity. is this the end for the humanity? in the midst of all this, Shin gets hold of something so powerful that he could be able to change the pace of this world for good as he thought. But many dark powers lurks that will never let him do as he please and will always stand in his way until the very end. This is story of Shin's and his fellow survivals hardship as they went through these terrible catastrophe. Will he be able to make a better world? Will he die an unwilling death? Will he let someone close to him die? does he have the potential to make a better place for others to live in. To unveil all those mysteries and to know all the thrill that resides in the journey of Shin. hope in and read my story. Yours truly Ranga

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    a better narrative

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As the day starts Shin starts to head towards his college taking the bus at 8:00'o clock morning. He has a test today and don't want to be late.He is studying while in the bus, suddenly when a familiar face just set beside him. She is someone he knows from his tuition classes but never talked to so he didn't get acquainted with her in the bus either.As the bus kept moving he felt little off the book due to the company he was with and started to look around when he felt strange looking out the window . He saw the not much vehicles were passing by them, as most of the opposite side of the road was empty. For long not even single vehicle came from the opposite and that was surely no coincidence as no vehicle has either passed them for quite long which made him think what might have happened. Not just him but the other passenger's were also wondering what could have caused this. Some of them started calling but none of them were able to connect as there was not signal showing on the
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As she start's how it all happened to them, tears started to flow from her eyes as she started sobbing . Shin asked why she crying, as she told them, all three of them she, her husband and the boy were going to the market on the bike when they saw it coming from the side of the road people running toward them with strange growling sounds, which made them scared.So her husband accelerated the bike and tried to get away but suddenly one of them just came in front of the bike and her husband couldn't stop the bike and crashed it. They got knocked down to the ground, she not knowing what was happening tried to stand up picking her boy just to see her husband trying to fight them back but was not able to do anything . The little boy started crying, their attention shifter toward the boy because of his loud cry. The zombies started to come toward the boy as the father tried his best to stop them but couldn't do much . Then that happened which was most tragic for them, her husband and a
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As they departed rain started to pour down, in which their cries disappeared but both of them in their heart has so much guilt. It was a cold day and over that rain in which they got fully wet soaking from top to bottom .They couldn't a single word to each other and kept going on. Not having a destination to go they kept wondering around just to see zombies roaming all around the city. Shin felt Riya's head against his back, so he didn't give much thought to it but he asked her if she was okay. But she didn't gave any response, in which he asked her again thinking she might have not heard it but again no reply so tried to look back but couldn't see anything. So Shin stopped the bike and as he turned around he found out that she was passed out, her hands were cold and her head was soo hot.He immediately get off the bike and picked her up and took her inside the nearest house he could found with an open gate. He knew what he has to do and has to build courage to do. Shin out her d
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Just after this incident both of them knew the life isn't going to be easy for them and to be alive and safe they have keep doing whatever they can do in their power to survive.Shin asked if the place where the zombie bit her still feel strange or something like in pain so she should let him know.As they both know from movies that one can turn into one after getting bitten, but she was fine for now she said. But just to be sure he still told her anything she feel on it tell him immediately without thinking twice, cause it could be bad for both of their survival. They Sought out a list things they need to survive.1. Clothes, which they can wear and not feel uncomfortable all the time as they can be big or short so finding the best fits were needed. 2. Supplies, in times like this the most needed thing is food which could turn out to be finished at any time. 3. Weapons, by which they deal with atleast 1 or 2 zombies if they need to get out of somewhere or go inside somewhere. 4.
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As they reached and got in the line waiting as everyone else was, they saw two separate lines, and people carrying paper with them in one line.So they not knowing anything asked the someone in the back of the line about what the paper was, so the person told them that-' They are taking people inside only after doing a blood test, i dont know it might to be to if someone is infected by the zombies, to treat them or something. But they are letting everyone pass through, the test is simple as they just take some blood and give you the report right away in few minutes, but you will have to come tomorrow as its a limit to how many people can enter a day and guess this line will conclude the whole limit, but take the test so you wont be late tomorrow. Thanks you said by both Riya and ShinAfter Hearing that, Riya and Shin both knew thet Riya is been bitten already and might be infected. But they might have to take the risk to be safe inside so they got in the line and took the test, Riy
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Shin was shocked to found out that the person just disappeared but had left the sword with him, which he didn't even wanted to begin with.But his mind shifted toward the scream as he heard it another time, so he ran toward the scene on the bike to found out a girl running from zombies. She was so scared and frightened, while running she entered an close parking site. Where Shin followed her after the zombies, she got tripped on a water pit and her ankle got twisted. She couldn't get up, zombies approaching toward her, she thought it was end of her.Zombies attacked her she was struggling to break through but she was powerless against this much zombies . Shin at distant who was seeing all this knew he have to save her but he had never faced so many zombies at a time, as there were at least 5-6 of them. Shin knew his little dagger(knife) wasn't enough to handle them at once. There was only one choice he was left with and it was to use the sword he got from an unknown stranger who
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The mood settled down, everything calmed down, everyone apologised to each other. Shin did for coming into the room at wrong time, Riya did for slapping Shin and the girl did for biting Riya.After a little awkward moment they had a little chit chat and got her name(jane) and she got her from other city. Riya asked how she got in the situation and if she was bitten by the zombies. Jane started to tell them how she got here- ' i was working in my office when this happened, our peon just came thrashing into the cabins of to tell everyone what was happening outside. The office got locked and we were locked inside as the best option seen by the security. We didn't had much supplies for many days but we still got through 1 week. Then was the choice to be made and we had to move out so our whole team got ready to move out and we did but as an obvious result we got ambushed by the zombies while running. We went our separate ways, i and my two other colleagues hid in a milk van. Luckily
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After getting introduced to everyone, they got to know Ruke was a car mechanic which was going to prove very helpful to them. They all set in the house and the ladies made something delicious to eat. Everyone had their dinner and had a long conversation while eating.Everyone did a toast to their new life and meeting with everyone today(toast with just water as they dont have anything else). After eating and chit chatting, Shin gathered everyone at place and asked everyone to have their opinion about what they might do now as their manpower has rose up so they need to find a better place to live now.Everyone looked at Shin as nobody had any idea at the moment, so Ruke asked Shin to tell them what to do. As whatever he might suggest we can work through it and come with a better strategy and Shin looked like he had already figured it out somewhat how to get on the track. So Shin without wasting any time started to explain- So first thing firstI have scene a society where atleast 1
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The individual stood in front of him and asked him to stood up, as Shin stood up, the person said - ' i know you have many quarries regarding the sword, like why i gave you the sword, who i am and what is the truth behind the sword. So let me tell it all to you. So he started to tell him that this sword is their ancient treasure and was passed down to generations.It holds so many secret powers that not even i know about because i can't use it. As this sword choose its wielder on its own and you are its " HEIR " .It was passed down if any crisis like this or any other type could ever happen to fall we could save the civilization with the help of the power of this sword.It points toward it knew HEIR as the former might die of any circumstances but we never gave it to anyone out of out own family and non of our family member were its wielder because we are the protector.So this sword belongs to you now, unleash its full potential by training with it hard everyday. You will eventua
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The wiser joined their ranks not just much time ago, before that no one even the zombie king didn't knew about the secret of the sword having rules to it. As the wiser was one the zombies who made the sword. So he knew what it rule that they made, he was ordered by zombie king to give the sword to its heir according to the rules and keep in mind the perfect time. As it will help them in getting the sword to its max potential, so zombie king ordered his court to rampage the whole world and cut all the sources through which any human can communicate and use any other supplies of technology. Then start eating to their fill as much as humans they want and if possible take some dead bodies in good shape to him, as he had the ability to turn them into zombies as he was the first ever zombie created by the great wizard. After the orders were sent the zombie army ravaged the streets and people out of their flesh and bones.The wiser found the heir but he had to kill him as he was not eli
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