Rebellion IV

I crave for a world where things are equal between everyone who lives in it. Those were the words of the Drakon Lord, Meados when he became the leader and the Overlord of the Drakonina Confederacy. 

Being the son of the former lord, he had just a lot to learn from. The history of the drakons was one that went way back as far as one could probe. They had descended from the dragon who lived in the Third Heavens, which is also known as the Middling World of Merchandise. It is in this world that all sorts of trade and business affiliations take place. If one was to look for the best deals, one just had to make his or her way to the Middling World of Merchandise. 

However, despite how it seemed on the cover, the in-house activities are not all as one may consider to be bliss. 

Home to the Dragons, the sent

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