The 401st Orisha II

Just then, the air rippled, cracks appearing into the atmosphere. At this, the Love Goddess tensed, looking at the sky.

"I didn't imagine my talk will be his long with you, Bayo. The Aspectual Energy Of Love needs is guardian back. I only spared some time off because Obatala agreed to hold up for me."

Hold up? 

Didn't this mean that she had to be always at her duty post, doing whatever she does to Love?

"Heh." Osun sighed, reading his thoughts. "Did you really think being an Orisha was the lifetime retirement plan where there's all the goodies you want and it's so restful?" She asked.

Well, yes, wasn't that the general idea of being a god or goddess?

"No! Being the love goddess, I have to see that the energy of love is not left unchecked. Too much of everything is bad, you see. Even love Aspectual energy is left to itself, it will rampage through the strands of reality causing even greater havoc in all of creation. That is

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