Information Gathering

Lady Grant stood in the balcony of a high towering building, some storeys up. The Behind her was her circular walled office depicting a sort of mountain peak when viewed from the ground. 

She rested in the balcony, leaning on the guides that were put in place to prevent any unfortunate falling, her japanese kimono outlining her slender but yet power radiating form as she sighed, lost in thought.

Some time back, Lord Bello has ordered her to present a listing of all unusually powerful strong beasts but such listing requirement was definitely lacking.

Did he mean, list out Rare Type beasts? Rare type beasts were unusually powerful in more than one ways that defied reality. Plus the fact that they were always drawn towards Fate Disrupting Beings to eliminate them.

As she thought, a beastkin creature walked in, from her left.

The beast like being had a thick mane of hair masking most of its Lion Face and even falling down on his black long coat. H

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