The Boat Bargain II

“I suppose YOU HAVE COLLECTED YOUR THOUGHTS, HUH, RIGHT?” The Grakon's voice boomed out. 

Instantly, Ronke reeled over, clasping her hands over her ears now in the aftermath. 

“Gosh! Grakons. Always Damn noisy!” She cursed.

 “Can't blame them. It is what makes them Grakons!” The metal Drakon lady laughed, her shoulders shuddering as she used her right hand to cup her mouth. 

Seeing that, Ronke relaxed her shoulders, allowing a crack of a smile onto her lips. This was not going to be hard after all, she reasoned. For right before her face, one of the would be important persons of this CFRQuarters was laughing. It was a rare feat, only something which one could see if and only if there had been a level of lfamiliarisation between the two parties.  

Although if she dared to think large, there was a familiarisation between them. They were both from the CFR and even though she was not in her own branch, the very fact t


Welcome to July. It's nice to have you here still. Hooray! We should be getting closer to rap up the series now. In the meantime, here is a lengthy welcoming read.

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