The Boat Bargain III

The CFR selection process had always been the one of qualitative instance. Just as it had been implied earlier, you could not just get to be an agent just like that or simply because you were well versed in the techniques of combat or even on the basis of recommendation. 

To get to be an agent, you had to either prove your worth in the selection process or be ready to accept your rejection. There are no two ways. And about those who had been given the red letter on their rejection, a couple of them had not accepted it so easily. 

These ones would go to the high rup authority, seeking a redress, claiming that the basis for the election was all faulted- oh the pride in their words. They would state just how versed they were in combat- combat which is not the only criteria on which they had been chosen. 

In one of the times, a certain individual had gone as far as to appeal to the Drakon Lord Meados, thinking that if he reached the Drakon Lord, we wo

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