The Match Begins

Meanwhile, down below, Bayo had finished his assessment of the Turtle Backed Sonic Beetle and now was the time to engage it, finally. 

He crept up some few inches, the movement rather negligible to anyone but if a person was to be watching him carefully, then the person would have picked up those minute movements. He dug his claws into the ground, holding himself tense as he stared at the face of the Beetle.

However as he stared at it, he did not seem to find the head of it. The eyes of the Beetle were somewhat turned down to the grun, lodged at the small side of what he had ignored as the head.

It was deceptive. Just after the big mass of the abdomen, what was next was the shiny mass of black that he mistook as the start of its head when he wrongly called it whereas, it was but the Pronotum. 

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