124. Inside the Arena

Obatal, the King of the Gods and the King of white cloth. The first amongst the Orisha but certainly not the first being that existed, un terms of being supernatural.

Obatala was, in fact, a secondary plan on the part of Eledumare as he/they attended to the affairs of the Earth.

Awed by other awesome creation possess, Eledumare set about creating another being which would be like them. Perhaps someone to keep them company. Someone who could best appreciate the art of their works. 

They did, in their graciousness, give this being powers which could be deemed to be equal to theirs. While it would be rather interesting to discuss why transpired after the creation of this being, the purpose of this document is not to that extent. 

In other terms, Obatala is the focus of this book. And without doubt, we do know how the story did play out. Obatala was the substitute being who was created in place of the first being. After Eledumare had emerged. 

Obatala was c

If you do not know how Arena Crystal works, then read ASCENDERS; RISING FROM ZERO to get a clearer read.

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