125. The Training Prep Talk

Obatala was not entirely a Saint. Truth be told.

He was tasked with the creation of the first beings, and the renovation or in better words, the beautification of the planet Earth which Eledumare had created. 

To go about that, he had to maintain a constant presence with Eledumare, learning as much as he could. Prior to that, the existence of great and mysterious creatures had already being in place. Here in the Heavens.

The Heavens is the first place to ever have living beings. And not just any beings, beings with a measure of tremendous power. However, for the sake of this publication, we should not divulge deeply in that. Needless to say, the core focus of this document is to highlight Obatala, who was created as a substitute for the forest sentient being, after Eledumare. 

Thus talking extensively on other topics would not necessarily cut it. 

How did Obatala go down to the Earth? There was no record of World Bridges them. Indeed, there is no substa


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