Survivor Evolution: demonic system

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Survivor Evolution: demonic system

By: undisputed_shame OngoingFantasy

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It was a world where only those powerful enough survived til the end of the quest. The weak souls were sucked into the realm of the undead where they awaited their judgement. To those who had failed, there was no a second chance. Those who had succeed were not only rewarded but also given a chance to cultivate in the cultivation realms by the guardian spirits. In this story, we chance upon our MC, Lazy Wafula who was sent to a world where behemoth beings roamed freely. A world that could only be found in nightmares. Lazy himself succeeded to be selected by the guardian spirit of that world and then his system was then upgraded to a demonic system. The strongest system ever. With this system, Lazy's difficult situation subsided while in that world, but will the rulers of that world allow him to grow? Let's find out... WELCOME ALL 20 Chapters free. - The United creation 🇺🇸 © The book cover is mine.

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  • undisputed_shame


    Thank you for giving it a go. I'll try my best.

    2023-09-22 16:11:06
  • Latisha Bauer


    so far, pretty good. interesting.

    2023-10-10 08:33:44
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Terminology (you can skip this chapter)
This chapter contains some vocabularies which will be used in the book as we journey on. I like making my readers understand the awkward terms that I will be using in this book. This book may also contain some embarrassing and shameful content but worry not because I will also include horny content. About romance, I will try my best to not let you down. Please don't drop this book because I can assure you that even though the welcoming chapters maybe a little lackluster, the main chapters are worth your time and pleasure.-General information:* You should know that a tier three town is less developed than a higher tier town like the tier one town.Cultivation Levels/ Stages / Realms / Grades✓ Mortal Realm - this is the weakest stage of all. It serves as the first step an ordinary person takes in this journey of cultivation. In this realm, I will further divide it into nine minor stages called levels. For example we will have Mortal realm Level 1, Mortal realm Level 5 and et catera.
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Introduction 1 (Genesis)
The world started behaving negatively to its inhabitants when Lazy Wafula was born. There were ads everywhere, reminding people about the end of the world now and then. No body knew who sponsored the appearance of those ads. The ads were in every app of every person's phone, PCs, TVs, hard discs and every electronic gadgets. It didn't matter whether you paid for "no ads" in your gadget as these ads will always appear there as if they were a malware feeding on your gadget. These ads not only took over the advertisement space in the technological world, but they also appeared on big bill boards, newspapers, magazines and all your favorite books that you will find. At first, the Earthlings raised concerns, protests and everything they can do to make the people in the leadership positions to get these ads out of their gadgets because these ads were now getting on their nerves but every leader would just say that they were still working on it or that their hands are tied - they were help
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Introduction 2 (the world)
"We have remained with only thirty minutes. Then this survival selections will be over." Lazy answered with a dull look. He seemed to be tired yet energetic at the same time. "That is..." Master Chen was suddenly interjected by the system. Lazy Wafula also heard it clearly. The interface window appeared by itself without him willing it."Ding"Quest [ Survive the infected encroachment in the remaining thirty minutes. Make sure that you don't die within these thirty minutes. After this, those remaining survivors will be deemed as the "awakened" and big rewards will be coming your way.][ For this "last fight to survive", I will be offering you guys free chances. What are these chances, these are the added buffs that will help you survive and for the first time, I am offering everyone three free revival chances on top of the health, energy and agility.]"Status"[ Name : Lazy Wafula ][ Exp : 0/100 ][ Energy : 80/ 100 ][State / Health : Normal ][ Agility : 80 + 5 ][Revival : 0/3 ]
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Introduction 3 (the walking corpses)
The old hag was all smiles showing her toothless jaws. You may think that she was the weakest among them due to her hunched back but this hag had been buffed up until her punches can blast through concrete walls unhindered and furthermore, she will not be injured or feel uncomfortable. She was like the mercenary of the group. Both her and the teenager were lucky to have been spared by the system of the obligations by those torturous quests. The only quest that they have was the current one requiring them to survive this final battle.The old hag took out her steel whip which had a shinny diamond on its end. Don't look down upon this whip of hers, just like the weapons that her fellow survivers in the group were using, this whip wheighs around five hundred kilos. The teenager had two daggers which he was fiddling with. Madam Ross on the other hand had two hand axes. They formed a battle formation and waited for what was brewing to come out. They were in a circle formation so that each
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Introduction 4 (attribute)
Grrrr!The infected sniveled as they stared at the sky which had turned bloody red and let out a high piercing strident with agitated faces as if they were happy with whatever the world had done. Lazy felt it, he can apparently sense the difference in those walking corpses. These walking corpses were no longer the same as they used to be and it seemed as if the bloody sky had strengthened them even further. He can't imagine how much powerful these guys had become. He had fought many of them in the past to survive until this time and they were conniving and brutal creatures that he himself had sometimes chosed to flee when he was encompassed by them, but this time round there was no fleeing and on top of that it seemed like these guys were even more powerful than the former self.The walking corpses had more copious amounts of dead aura after that action of the world. They just reeked of death itself which was making Lazy's group to have difficulties in breathing in this heavy pungent
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Introduction 5 (the corrupted)
When the walking corpses saw that their opponents were gaining momentum, they got angry because of the cowering feeling that had crept deep inside them. They snarled at them and decided to meet them even though they were afraid. Their instincts was telling them that these improved beings were not to be trifled with but the world on the other hand which dictated their existance didn't allow them to abort. Any of them which defected was peeled like a nut before their existance was erased. No one among them was ready for that torture as although these beings had no soul, that didn't mean that they can not feel pain. They were determined to go down with these survivors. It was at first, only a single walking corpse that initiated the fight and when the others saw that, their blood boiled from determination and just like that, they again scurried towards them in waves like maggots swimming in a pool of filth. Lazy Wafula was not intimidated by their determination on their disgusting face
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Introduction 6 (Improved walking corpses)
Although the coffin was sealed in the barrier, the chains holding it on her back were still there so when she fell, the coffin also fell on her. The walking corpses that were earlier irritated by her cry had already reached out to her and they shoved the coffin aside revealing her dead body. The walking corpses exchanged looks and dig in but they were disinterested the next moment. Her corpse was just like theirs, it was not fresh and it was also corrupted. They felt like they were eating something disgusting. They thus, shifted their gazes at the remaining people and decided to go for them but the next second, they felt weakness getting into them. Their energies were drained completely and also the walking corpses around were not spared all of them were used to bring back Madam Ross.As Madam Ross underwent through the revival, Lazy Wafula had already lost all of his energy and his body can no longer support the running of his attribute. He suddenly fell on his knees as the rotten
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Obtained the greatest demonic system
Any walking corpse that sneaked on him was utterly severed by her.---The survival mark on the foreheads of all survivors gleamed with a tint of redness before fading. The survival mark was previously not hidden or erased as it was there like a tattoo for everyone to see. All survivors had this mark but right now it was no more, the survival selections had come to an end but was it the end of Genesis or the start of Genesis?Huff! Huff! Huff!The survivers all panted but you can clearly see pleased looks on their faces, yes they had made it alive. All of them had used up all the revival chances, the ones who had their attributes still running were the most affected of them all as their bodies were stressing out and they were feeling pain even until now but that can not dispell the relaxed looks and excitement for achieving the impossible. The teenage youth was kneeling on the ground with his head low, a huge gaping hole which was still dripping with blood can be seen on his chest, t
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Iwe-èfwe planet
In Earth, it was like he was walking in a pool of mud because of the universal laws working against him as a person with activated attribute but in this place, the rules were different, this was the world for cultivators and he can clearly feel the abundant spiritual energy in the air, it was as if he had gone to heaven, those restrictions in Earth were so suppressive on him but here, he was free, he felt like he can keep his attribute running forever without suffering a backlash.His damaged soul, injuries and his rotten body had healed completely and he became a new person who was not bounded by the rules and the system. Speaking about the system, Lazy Wafula remembered the vague male voice that he heard before he fainted.He also realized that he had migrated with the britches that he was wearing while fighting the walking corpses and as for his shirt, he had removed it in that sewer. The pant was still covered with blood and filth, also, it was tattered here and there due to the l
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Kibra shelter
"This is your room in this shelter. No one is able to get into this room without your permission. This room will only be given out to another cultivator when you move out after evolving to the ancestral stage. Host should know that this is a low tier shelter, low tier shelters tend to be attacked by beast hordes and destroyed very often so, host should protect this shelter if you want to go back to the Iwefwe planet because teleportation can only be done in this room unlike in the Iwefwe planet where it can be done from anywhere. Teleportation is only possible in this room because the space in the cultivation realms are very unstable and can not allow teleportation. It is only in this room where the space is stable."So, you are saying that when this shelter fall, I will not get back. But why? There has to be another shelter in this cultivation plane, right?" Lazy Wafula wanted to confirm, he didn't believe that he can not get out of this place when the shelter falls."Beep""Affirmat
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