150. Played On II

Creating deformed humans was the height of it. At last to the creator being the King of the Gods.

He was shocked beyond marrow as to what he has created. Beings without limbs or even without both limbs. He watched as they tried to crawl about, as they struggled to live.

Originally, he must have thought of destroying them. After all, we are talking about an Orisha who was more than happy to serve Eledumare. He must have had thoughts as to making only what the best could be. You should be aware at this junction that this is merely speculation now. It is only our attempt in trying to understand what must have been transpired in the mind of Obatala. Yep records do not exactly leave us with all the details, if you must know.

Still, at this, the possibilities of having loopholes or the possibilities of us being wrong i



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