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I don’t even know where to begin. The vampire or the deadly twins, Desire and Despair. But they all have their motives in my life. A part to play. On one hand the vampires carry what I need. The ring of the damned. On the other hand the twins might be the only people to help me know who I’m. What I’m. But I need to play it well, if I have even the slightest chance of surviving what they have planned for me.

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I landed on the ground like that supper man guy. One knee down and my fist slammed the ground. I assessed my surrounding as four women in their early forties looked at me. All of them with lightning bolts from their right hands.I sighed as my wings vanished. I needed to play this with cautious or I will be the one to end up dead. When it’s supposed to be the four women.They all looked alike. But when I asked before all this started, they told me they were just look alike. And they all tied their hair into a ponytail. With white long dresses that didn’t fit the scenario at hand.Or they just didn’t think they were going to take that much time to fight with me. But they had it all wrong.I called to my wizard powers and then waved a hand to create an invisible shield.“You can’t beat us, child. We told you about this, but you thought you were better and stronger than us. But here we are,” the one to my left spoke.I shadow walked as they sent their lightning bolts at me. A second from
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“I had to do it, father, or else many people would have died,” I spoke defensively.So, as we were fighting some crazy bastard last night who thought the only way to be happy was to control people into worshiping him. I had to risk people seeing magic. But that was because he was holding them captive and threatened to kill them if I didn’t give him what he wanted. The ring of the dammed.But they were not understanding that.“You should still have waited for Roland to do what he was doing. He did show up, didn’t he?” father asked.“Well, yeah but…”“But nothing Mubanga. I was taking care of things. What would have happened if those people had their eyes opened? We would be running from the police as we speak,” Roland spoke.I just cursed under my breath and looked down.“I know you love your job and helping people. I like the fact that you are helping here and working with us. But you need to start following orders, Mubanga. Those people were furious after they heard about it…”“You t
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I sat on the chair in my apartment. Trying my level best to control myself, as Roland told me. But as I said earlier, waiting for things isn’t my favorite suit.The apartment was well decorated, that was something I can give the owner credit for. The lighting was perfect, and the breeze that come from the balcony only made me realize what an amazing job I did to get that apartment.Apart from the chair I was sitting on and that opposite me and table, there was a bed like six to seven feet from me. It was enough to occupy both me and my friend. She perfectly spread it with white sheets.And then there was a bathroom and the restroom to my left. And the kitchen was just two feet from the closet. Overall, it looked dashing.“Just wait for him. You can’t go there alone. What if you find something that you cannot handle,” Charlie spoke.I turned and found her standing at the window, looking outside. Then she looked at me with a welcoming smile. “I’m just saying. They are attacking you alre
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“May I help you?” she spoke.I didn’t even know what to say. I just stood there with my back facing her. If I showed my face to her — whoever she is she was going to recognize me since I was pretty well known at their church. And that was something I didn’t want to happen here.I was doing his without Roland’s permission and if he was to know I was here, then he was going to be furious. He will flip. He told me to lay low and wait for tomorrow. But I couldn’t do that. All because I was mad at them.“I was looking for a bathroom,” I spoke.There was silence for a few seconds then she spoke, “bathroom here? Anyway, it’s on the other side of the church. And you should have just come to listen there without you hiding here. It’s not like the pastor will eat you or anything,” she spoke, and I heard her laugh lightly.“I thought it was just for people that go to this church,” I spoke, but still faced my back on her.“It’s for everyone that is tired of these murders. We just want to spread t
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They carried on looking at me — waiting for me to say something. But I have no excuse to give them. Unless you count me trying to get information as an excuse.“Mubanga, we don’t have all morning, for all we know, they are making their move with the ring. And the more time we take here, the more time they have to put their plan into motion. So, we need you to tell us why they hell you were at abundant angel church last night?” Roland asked.I wonder how they even found out about me been there. I made sure no one saw me. How did father manage to spot me?“After what you told me, I couldn’t wait for any longer. I just had to pay them a visit. And you can’t believe what I found there,” I spoke, looking from Roland to father Michael. But they didn’t have the expressions I was expecting them to have. “They are thinking we are involved in the killings. And the pastor is telling people that,” I added.Roland sighed beside me, “we already know he held late night meetings. And we know about hi
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I didn’t even know what to do at that moment. I sat on a couch in father Michaels’ office. Trying to make sense of what they told me. If it was true or they were just lying to me so that I didn’t mess the whole place until I got the ring of the damned.After I told father about it, the old man just sat there as he thought about it all. All he told me was we needed to get at the bottom of this or the Vatican won’t be happy to hear about this. That me and Roland are the ones that messed up everything.Even though they are the ones that gave us the case files. Telling us we needed to get the ring from the vampires, they were still going to be upset that we allowed the ring to slip from our fingers. Only God knows what the shapeshifters were thinking of doing with the damn ring.I tried calling Roland a couple of times. But the man wasn’t responding to me. I just hope he has done nothing stupid to get the ring or get Sunny to spill the beans about where the vampire lord was keeping the ri
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The two men wouldn’t agree with what I told them. No matter how good I put it to be, they were still adamant about it. That it was way too dangerous for me to do. And because they didn’t trust me when it involved something that dangerous.I tried for hours just to convince them to let me try out talking to Sunny about it and taking his offer to helping us. But since it involved me getting myself out there and been involved with dangerous people, both Roland and father Michael refused to do that.But it was the only shot we had at finding the shifter that took the ring of the damned. It was the only way, but none of them would reason with me. It was a capital no from both of them.But with time, they will come around. I hope. So I allowed them to think about it and told them I was going to do it even if they allow me. Because I was not going to risk the Vatican finding out about us losing the ring that was so powerful and dangerous.If it meant taking the offer that Sunny was offering
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I know meeting with Suzan was the worst decision I can ever make. Mostly now that there was a bastard out there that was thinking of using the ring for bad things. Endangering all of humanity.She was working for the man that was gunning up on me and they wanted my church down. So, yeah, I was aware of the crap I was getting myself into. She didn’t recognize me the other night only because I had my back facing her. I wonder how she missed my hair.But I burnished all those possibilities and walked to her car. It was embarrassing that she was the one picking me up. But I had no car, I was an assassin for the church. Not someone they pay to kill the president. I gestured for her to just stay in the car as I entered. I swallowed loudly as I turned for her to get a good look at me.“Hey,” I said, and she looked at me with bewildered eyes. “I know this is weird.”“You think? What are you doing here? I’m waiting for….. wait, its you? Why the hell would you want us to meet? Because I’m sure
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The rest of the dinner was panning out better than I actually expected. It was like Suzan was a different person and not the woman that first showed up to pick me up. I don’t know if it was because she knew I was Mubanga, or it was because she was playing with me. Trying to get into my good books.“You know when your father finds out about you taking me for dinner, he will be pissed at you right?” I asked as I put the wineglass on the table.She cleared her throat after taking a swig from her vodka. Who knew? “I can always say I was trying to get something from you. That I was trying to get information about what you and the church are up to,” she smiled at me.I looked at her as she ate her ribs studiously — trying to see what the hell was up with the woman I was having dinner with. “What is your aim with me, really? Why did you agree to come with me for dinner after I told you I was me?”She swallowed then looked at me, “well, I couldn’t refuse the offer, could I? and you sounded so
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“Nothing happened,” I argued as she interrogated me. She even went as pacing up and down while I sit on the chair. “We just had dinner and talk about our churches,” I added but the woman didn’t seem to believe what I was telling her. She was clinched to asking me if I was going to be dating her from now on.She tapped her chin as she looked at me questionably. And she continued the same thing for as long as I can imagine. And I was tired, and all I wanted to do was go to bed and prepare for my meeting with Sunny. But she wasn’t letting me go that easily.“Charlie if you have nothing more to say I would like to sleep. I told you everything that happened between me and Suzan. but if you still don’t want to believe me, then that is on you. Don’t keep me here for nothing,” I stood up, but she pushed me back on the chair. “Dude,” I argued.She cleared her throat and let me have it, “the woman is a good girl. I like her for you. I think its high time you start dating, actually. You both loo
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