186. Tanking First Tide

Ronke’s heartbeat doubled within her chest. She had just given a talk now, and had fired up everyone right about then. But then again her heart. The Wave was here and she was rooted to the ground, her feet quivering as she saw the monsters like numerous dots on the landscape in the far distance. In no time, those dots would soon become beatss, large and powerful enough to shatter through the wall.

That is, unless they allow them too.

Fingers snapping, Ronke jerked into life. This was what she had been expecting and like Abiola had said to her,they needed to know what she was going to do. If she turned around to show how rooted she was in the fear which was taking over her entire body, then the morale of the City Would fall immediately.

There was too much at the take for the morale to drop. She had to atek the fir


It worked. Ronke's plan worked. I am excited ehre. Hoooraayyy//. Lol, thankfully we had help. The Ascenders

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