The Sun Primordial

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The Sun Primordial

By: Catastrophy Y9 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A pro gamer gets transmigrated to a Cultivation world with the determination to not interfere with the affair of the world but faith has another path in store for him

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46 chapters
The Transmigration
It was unlike any normal day with me carrying on with my normal daily activities which is shutting myself indoor and playing the virtual reality game (The LASP). The LASP is a game that was released fifteen years ago and it still retains its rank as the number one best virtual game, why you ask well that is because unlike any other virtual games, The LASK contents are player based, the story line will be decided depending on what moves the players make, it is like an open fantasy like game. And there is me after being abandoned in the reality world, I chose The LASK to seek comfort for myself.I logged in and ended up in my two storey modern bungalow, I built the house after grinding my level high enough to earn me a suitable spot in the rankings, and now I just whisk away my time watching the other players on my lacrima TV while eating roasted monster meat. As I was eating, a bright light shone covering my entire house, I ran to go check if I was under attack by an intruder but it wa
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Faithed Encounter
It has been hundreds of year since I Transmigrated into this world, that is a lot of time for me to have amass the necessary information in this world, for example this world has immortal cultivators in it, I tried cultivating as well but it was deemed impossible since I had no spiritual root, what my game character has is mana core. Apart from them being in different location, where the mana core is located close to the heart and the Spiritual root at the belly button side, there is really not much of a difference in the function they perform which is to accumulate energy from the surroundings to make one stronger, this energy is in the form of Mana, Qi, Internal energy, Chakra and so on. When I tried accumulating the Qi in my mana core I felt intense pain it was like my insides was being turned upside down, there is only one thing that can cause such a pain, it is when the Mana and Qi clashes together, it was an improper fraction to begin with, I had way too much mana compared to t
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Suggested Training
After getting home, I increased the amount of barriers in my house then casted a high level illusionary spell on the entire forest that way if the friends of those guys i killed earlier come for revenge they will be unable to pinpoint my exact location.I put the baby on the couch and then began a staring contest. I have no idea how to act in situations like this afterall babies are not really my forte, even though I am physically no since my appearance hvae not once changed I should not use the physical word, yes even though I am spiritually hundreds of years old my mental age is no different from a sixteen year old. I cut myself off from civilization when I was around that age so I have no idea how to treat a two year old, this is like transferring a kindergarten kid to college like what are you expecting the kid to do.The best option for me right now would be to take this kid to any nearby town, but I do not want to risk running into those guys from earlier, if by chance they have
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Gelios And Avina
A beautiful maiden with black straight hair with her bangs covering her left eyes, deep brown eyes and an oval face with an height of sixty three inches and smooth bright skin, clothed in a man's wear.She stands in front of an entrance door and opens it.Avina> wake up Gelios breakfast is readyAvina called out to a boy laying on a fancy bed with his head facing downward, with seemingly no response Avina moved closer to the boy and picks him up with her left hand by his pajamas collarbone and turned his head to face her, making Gelios look like a hanged clothAvina> you have been sleeping for ten hours straight so is it not time you get up nowThe boy with his eyes closed sighed before replyingGelios> you know you are not my mother right, and it is not like i have anything important to do right now so what is the harm in sleeping lateAt the words of Gelios, Avina felt an angry budge protrude from her head at the side of her right eye, she clenched her right fist and drilled it str
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The Butcher
I really was not expecting such a swift reply from Avina, I thought she was not interested in venturing, growing she has never once asked if she could go view the outside world or even to take a glimpse of it from atop the mountain but hearing her give an immediate positive reply to my request now makes me feel like a failure as a foster father, perhaps she thought I had a circumstance of my own as to why I chose to remain in a place like this so she refrained from asking so as not to make me feel uncomfortable. If that is indeed the case then in a way that makes her more mentally matured than I am.Since we decided to explore the nearest town, expenses is a must so to cover for that, I brought with me the pills I made, when I get to the town I will sell it and use the money to cover the cost of exploration. The only problem is I have no idea what the value of the pills I made are set at, so for that reason we also decided to hunt as many mountain beasts as we can to sell in the city,
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The Alchemist
The cultivation base for humans and Demonic beastsHuman Cultivator1/Qi gathering realm2/Foundation realm3/Gold core realm4/Nascent soul realm5/Martial King6/Martial Emperor7/Martial Monarch8/Martial Saint9/Martial God10/Martial CelestialBeastes Cultivator1/Low grade beasts2/Medium grade beasts3/high grade beasts4/ metamorphosis grade beasts ( at this point they are able to take on human form)5/Demom king6/Demon Emperor7/Demon Monarch8/Demon Saint9/Demon God10/Demon CelestialButcher> I am deeply sorry but I will not be able to buy this beasts from youAvina> what do you mean beasts this are animals and I can assure you that not only are this fresh killed they taste really good as well, if it is the price you are worried about then we are willing to sell it to you for half the price ( she has no idea what the actual price is though).Butcher> miss the price is not the problem the beasts areAvina> I assure you they are not spoilt, like I said I just caught them no
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There are seven grades of elixirs, pills and artifact, they are Ordinary, Rare, Epic, Unique Legendary, Holy and Sovereign. From Ordinary to Epic are treasures that can be found with enough search while Unique treasures are considered as a sect's ancestral treasure since they are almost impossible to find, the other grades from Legendary to sovereign are myths, a fable used only by those that have ascended to the immortal world or at least that is what they were supposed to be. Before her now is a boy with no spiritual root in other words a waste, a defect among defects and the girl does have a spiritual root but with no cultivation base meaning a common everyday waste, the two duo brought before her a legendary elixir and pills. Su Ning being a merchant have learned to perfectly hide and control her emotions not to let them sway her over in any situation, with the everyday training she was able to compose herself after finding out the grade of the treasure they brought her to sell,
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Wary of Other Players
From my little tour around this town I have come to understand something which is the hierarchy, it is a strict policy following that the higher your cultivation base the higher you are in the hierarchy.If i hope to become a resident of this world and not a stranger to it then it is only normal for me to abide by the rules which is the hierarchy, but it is a different case entirely when the people of earth are involved. If I have to briefly summarize the nature of the two world's residents it would be like this, The people of this world are animalistic in nature, with respect and obedience to the jungle laws, they let their urges guide their actions with no hidden motives attached while the people of earth are in a word "plague", a deceitful and cunning walking disaster with no respect for nature, they flip over the natural order of things like it is theirs to begin with, that is why I hate and shut myself away from them. All this might be considered as a one sided evaluation but fi
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Bold Infiltration
They walk through the forest in a slow pace moodGelios> hey are you really sure we are going the right waySubordinate 1> yes I am so please do not kill me I beg of youGelios> hey what do you mean kill you, in my hundred of years of living I have only ever killed six people so do not make me out to be a murderer alright"yes!!!!" He said with tears dropping off his eyes with a drooling nostrils.Gelios> enough with the tears already, if it is your friends you are worried about I did not kill them, I only took away what does not belong to them the recoil left them in a deeb slumber that is all. you guys are partly at fault as well you know why did you have to go dip your hands into something you are not fit for.Gelios stopped in his tracks as he noticed a stronghold built with logs ahead of the forest they were in with guards stationed at the top of the gates for surveillance I presume.There is no doubt about it, there is a player here and not just one I can feel at least three man
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Gelios VS The Three Brothers
Su Ning> master I suggest you go after your younger brother, the whales gang have ruled over the underground city of Ninsha for a very long time, I do not know what business your brother might have with them but openly attacking them is an act of Suicide, they are a deadly forces known to deal the cruelest of punishments to those that try to challenge their authorityAvina> hey let us get one thing clear, I never crowned you my disciple so do not ever call me master again it gives me goosebumps and about Gelios, I have trained with him all my life and not once have I ever won against him, there was a time I thought I was finally able to be on par with him but all he did was lower his ability to match mine, when I asked him to face me seriously I could do nothing, That is why I am not worried about him infact his opponent should be the one to worry.Barret> hey before shit starts, I gotta ask who exactly are you affiliated with so when we are done with you then we can go clean up the
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