Dwarf's tale

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Dwarf's tale

By: Highpriest OngoingFantasy

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I saw a small figure of a young boy running away from us in the distance.A wolf stood in the boy's shadow.However, this wolf was enormous.It had a head as big as a bear's and stood five feet tall at the top of the hump. It had pale grey fur.The boy was being chased by a worg, not a wolf.The boy had a good lead, but the massive worg's strides would quickly reduce that lead.In a split second, I made up my mind.I made a hasty dash for the boy.Lisa was also moving quickly, and she was following me.However, looking back, she faltered.I was aware that she has not yet regained her strength.Regardless, I turned back to the boy who was still running straight at me and said, "This way!Come to me!The young man gave me a nod and fled as quickly as he could.However, I was aware that the boy would be overtaken by the worg before I could even miss him by a few feet.I raised my arm back and pulled out my hatchet.Duck!”I let the hatchet fly as soon as the boy fell.


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Chapter 1
What in the world happened to me?What exactly?The surface was damp and chilly.The scents in the air were unusual.My nose was assaulted by metal, charred earth, and blood.As I started moving, I started to feel a sticky, dampness in my own body.My own blood and the blood of my wounds began to run down my body.I finally get up and look around me.All of the wagons—or what used to be wagons—were destroyed, with some on fire.Various weapons had killed the oxen that pulled these wagons, and they were scattered about.Along with them were dead dwarves, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, and other creatures I didn't recognize.The dwarves' bodies were examined by me.Nobody remained alive.A mass gravesite and a tomb developed in this cavernous area within a mountain.As soon as I started to hear small movements, I realized that massive rodents were already moving in with the intention of feasting on the bodies.I was furious as a result of this for some reason.I moved over to one of the burning wagons, gr
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Chapter 2
I came around a corner after probably three hours of walking.The air's scent changed.I could smell a variety of grasses and shrubs, as well as the scent of trees.There appears to be a gap in the road.At least this gave me some comfort.I might be able to locate myself and get my bearings with the sky.That'd be helpful.However, rather than accelerating, I slightly slowed down.Other than my breathing and footsteps, I paid more attention to the sounds around me.This horde might be at the opening, I have no idea.To stumble in the middle of that mess would be completely pointless.I could make out some faint moonlight after a while.at night.Better still!That means I could look up at the stars and try to figure out where I am.I looked around as I crept up to the opening.The only thing that greeted me was a road that led from the tunnel mouth and was lined with trees and grass, which surprised me a little.I could see that there was a way to turn right or left about half a mile down this road.I
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Chapter 3
In agony, the hippoLisa screamed.I didn't hear anything else for about a minute after that.My body, however, miraculously remained unharmed.I did not experience a large beak or talons attacking my body.It actually went down on its claws as it looked back at the hippoLisa, its massive body trembling.Yeah, I'm sure that hurt.I made my way slowly up to the wing and used the wooden cast to hold the ropes in place.I did this in such a way that it still had the option of putting the wing against its body or extending it.Flight, on the other hand, was out of the question.I tried to stroke its enormous feathered head after it was done.The quivering subsided after a few minutes, and the strange cooing resumed.Lisa, thank you for not breaking my body.It raised its head and began rubbing against my chest after hearing that.I swear this hippoLisa has some understanding of me!Isn't that interesting?Lisa received the last bit of dried meat I had and I gave it to her.While squawking at me softly, it
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Chapter 4
I took his words into consideration.a nearby farm.How far is your farm from here, please?"Nearby Canutt.Possibly more than a mile.I’ve had a terrible night and a rough start to the day.I would be willing to visit your farm.Additionally, worgs typically travel in groups.Saving you from one worg only to have you eaten by another would hurt my conscience.I'll accompany you back and join you.If there are any sheep that need to be gathered, we might also want to take your sheep."Canutt, that would be greatly appreciated!I'm not one to fight."I comprehend.Hold on a minute.I took a walk to Lisa.I spoke gently as I got closer.Can you hear me, Lisa?”Lisa cooed a little at me as it looked up from its grizzly meal.Yes, she comprehends my words.That is positive."Lisa, I'm going to bring the boy there," I said.There, farm.You come to me after you're finished.Understand?”Lisa cooed at me before returning to the grizzly meal in front of her.I couldn't blame her, though.Did she not deliver th
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Chapter 5
Dana came back a short time later.Lisa, your friend, had a nasty arrow shaft near her wing base.Alex has already taken it off and is taking care of her.Additionally, she carried that worg's charred remains.When I brought you into the house, Steve informed me that she only took a few minutes to arrive.It appears that you and the hippoLisa are friends.In order to feed her, Alex also used his sword to slice the corpse in half.Steve is also assisting.David, my other half, and my daughter Stella have returned as well.I nodded.I had high hopes that this would be the case.Lisa was used to getting in touch with people.At least, not completely, she was not wild.I am treated well by your family.Please inquire about how I can repay your kindness."Are you kidding me?You saved my youngest son, Canutt.That worg is one I've seen.To think that monster would have ripped apart my son..." Dana's face was sad.a look back at past suffering and time.There had been no error.This woman has experienced trag
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Chapter 6
Greetings, Canutt!Do you want a cup of coffee?”Alex greeted me with two cups and presented me with one of them.The liquid inside was opaque, resembling genuine dark tea.After smelling it, I took a sip.It was not at all unpleasant.I also felt that the liquid was actually stimulating my body wherever it touched my throat and gullet.It would appear that this coffee is a very potent form of tea."Good morning, Calvin as well.Dana, ma'am, I must say that your attention to me yesterday was very effective!This morning, I feel pretty damn good.She gave me a smile before halting.She came over to me, lifted my shirt, and looked at my wounds that were gone.Canutt, I can heal well.However, this is not simply my previous work.I had estimated that you would be in good health for about a week to two weeks.In fact, when Alex asked you to work in the fields, I was a little worried that you might reopen those wounds.On the other hand, the infection is gone and your wounds are almost healed.In one nig
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