20. A Conduit of Love

Speaking of heroes, Bayo was her hero. When they had started out on the journey from Amnor together, Bayo was the one, out of the lot, whom she had been drawn to.

She had seen him after all, the time when he had fought with Jasper against the Huntress then. How much he had thrown himself into the fight, trying to ensure that Jaspar was out of the way of danger.

At least, until Jaspar had to fling him out and away.

He never gave up on a fight, even when the odds were stacked greatly against him.

Or was it when her brother had come to battle with the mercenaries then? 

In the time when she was just about to be dealt with finally, Bayo had stepped up into the fight and swiftly turned the tide around. Her own hero. 

Or was it their getaway from Laprisha when he had conjured enough Agabra to power Shin's teleport? He was selfless, the one who had taught her about the Spiralling Sphere technique and the manipulation of the two Laws


Are we going to see Bayo getting healed already?? oops. I think it's way too early. *Devilish laugh* Anyways, let's leave these ones and checkup on the rest in the next chapters. And Oh! Premium chapters start soon, so, uhm... Free chapts are Gon be over. Please don't go yet. Pretty sure it's worth it. Stay with us! *Makes baby face*

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