Undying Villain: Strongest Necromancer

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Undying Villain: Strongest Necromancer

By: Harlyboy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A story of a cruel undying villain, Malachi who was reincarnated 300 years into the past after being killed by the Heroes. With his dark necromancy power coupled with his unmatched wisdom, and battle experiences, he seeks vengeance to those who wronged him in the past and the presence. Heartless and not knowing the concept of morality, Malachi only care about his own.

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81 chapters
Chapter 1 Light Against Dark
They call him the heartless demon. A demon with no sense of remorse or empathy.A creature that knows only to kill and feast upon his enemies. Others call him a satanic being, capable and intelligent enough to comprehend the concept of morality but fully decided to act against it.In his quest for power, he had stab the back of his own allies, and killed anyone that was foolish enough to block his path.But perhaps, his journey could come to and end here.The gate of the throne room opened with a bang. A two meter tall death knight appeared and spoke: “Master, the enemies breache—“Before the undead could finish speaking, a long sword enveloped in bright light pierced through its chest.“Malachi! Your undead army has been eradicated! This is where you’re going to die!”Ten figures appeared by the gate. All of them wore thick and strong armor with powerful weapons in their hand.“You won’t stand a chance against the ten of us. We are united here to destroy you once and for all!”Mala
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Chapter 2 The Day That Should Be My End, Becomes My Beginning
Malachi opened his eyes and found himself waking up on his bed. He looked around and recalled that this was his bedroom a long time ago.“I went back in time. The sacrificial ritual worked. It was a good thing that I captured and tortured more than 100,000 souls as offerings.” “The day that should be my end, becomes my beginning.” Malachi clenched his fist. “In this life, I will not face the same fate. I know the future. With my knowledge and vast battle experience, regaining my former strength shouldn’t be a problem.”Malachi had lived over hundreds of years. He had traveled far and wide, gaining uncountable experiences and knowledge in his journey. Information about valuable treasures and their locations were kept inside his head. These treasures were his trump card.He was certain that no one would get to them before he did.“But I have to start training if I want to obtain those treasures.”Most of the treasures were located in extremely dangerous places. Going to these places r
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Chapter 3 Not So Holy Father
A long ago, when Malachi was just a 5 year old child. There was only him and his mother. Malachi never knew who his father was, and even though his mother was extremely wealthy, he was still jealous of his friends who had their own father to play with.His mother realize this and always tried to bring a man home, but none of them were suitable. His mother was beautiful. The most beautiful the town ever seen. She was also extremely wealthy. No man should ever rejected her, but she was also very picky because she wanted to give Malachi a great father.A man then came into their life. A novice of the Path of Divinity which was the religion of this empire. Any figure of the church in any level were admired and respected as they were serving the god himself. His mother was charmed by this man. He had nothing. No wealth, no status, not even strength in magic. All he had was his words. Yet, that was enough to convince his mother that he was the right man.Aldric. That was his name. Even th
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Chapter 4 Holding Pride
“Do you have any plan?” Seraphina asked.“I have one in my mind. Before that, tell me about your role. Are you some sort of spokesperson for the system?”“You can say that. The system is quite rigid and doesn’t really have a mind on its own. I am more flexible and can answer more of your questions. I can also give out suggestions or advice.”“What are you specialized in?”Seraphina smiled. “Before you, I have assisted dozens powerful necromancer and dark lords. I believe you will need my knowledge someday.” Malachi’s perspectives of her changed. If she truly had assisted powerful necromancer before, then her knowledge could really help him in the future. It seemed like the dark god was fostering a lot of villains in many worlds.‘Could I surpass a figure like that someday?’ Malachi shook his head. ‘Anything is possible. Even time could be reversed. I will reach the highest peak of power even if I have to build a mountain of corpses to do it.’Malachi walked out of his room. He met so
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Chapter 5 Sudden News
Malachi went through his days with the same routines. Waking up in the morning and forced to drink the poisoned tea after Aldric slap him in the face. He didn’t fight back and simply do as told.Whenever Lily came and told him to prostate on the ground, he would do so without a word which made her laugh. He did all this knowing that he would pay them back a thousand time one day.The sky was covered with gray clouds today, seemingly about to rain. Inside the Mansion of the second floor, all of the opened windows began to be closed by the maid. The wind blew quite hard.“It rarely rains in Trilea.” Aldric frowned as he walked through the hallway, gazing at the sky through the window. “Something doesn’t seems right. Especially that kid Malachi. He used to stare at me with anger and fight back but all of a sudden he turned soft and meek. I can’t let my guard down.”Aldric snapped his finger and a maid walked towards him before bowing. “You called, master?”“Check on that boy. Make sur
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Chapter 6 Arcane Prism
“I am thankful of this opportunity, father. But I will need a little time to prepare myself. After all, I might not see you and lily for a long time. I will also miss this house.”“That won’t be—““Actually, that’s a good idea,” Thaddeus said. “I am leaving in a few days. In the meantime, you should spend more time with your father. The academy is far from here, make sure you don’t have any regrets after you go.”Aldric couldn’t say anything else after that. He wanted Malachi to leave as soon as possible, but delaying it for a few days shouldn’t be a problem. “But, I sensed some sort of magical presence around you Malachi. It’s been bothering me ever since I entered your room and noticed that. Would you care to tell me about it?”“Magical presence? I haven’t learned any magic yet, professor.”Aldric frowned.“Every person actually has magical presence around them, one is more distinguishable than the others. Yours are the distinguishable type which mean there was a chance that you ma
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Chapter 7 Divine Empire of Iaionia
Divine Empire of Iaionia was a vast empire that revolves around a central religion known as The Path of Divinity. The religion taught that the empire was divinely chosen by the gods to rule over the land and its people. The Divine Emperor was considered the living representative of the gods, and his decrees were considered sacred and unquestionable.The empire’s culture was deeply rooted in its religious beliefs. Devotion to the god was paramount, and festivals, prayers, and sacrifices were common. The Divine Emperor was the absolute ruler, considered divine in their own right. The Emperor’s decision were guided by the Council of High Priest, influential religious figure responsible for interpreting divine will and advising on governance matters.The High Priest was not an easy position to obtain. Every member of the High Priest were extremely talented and skilled magicians in the art of holy magic, said to be capable of creating miracles encompassing an entire town or landscape. In l
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Chapter 8 Book of Necromancy
Amidst the garden's tranquility, Aldric's shock was palpable as his trembling hands clutched the edge of the table. The realization of Malachi's extraordinary talent had shifted the balance of power in a way he had not anticipated. The implications of an A grade talent's accelerated rate of comprehension loomed ominously over him."I... I never realized the extent of an A grade talent's capabilities," Aldric stammered, his words faltering with anxiety. Professor Thaddeus observed Aldric with a mix of curiosity and concern. "Father Aldric, is something the matter?"Aldric took a deep breath, attempting to regain his composure. "No, it's just... the news about Malachi's talent has taken me by surprise. I never imagined the depth of his potential."Professor Thaddeus chuckled, seemingly oblivious to the underlying tension. "Ah, I can understand your astonishment. A rare gem like Malachi could indeed alter the course of the empire's future. It's a testament to the gods' favor upon this l
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Chapter 9 Mysterious Room
“What are you going to do now?” Seraphina asked.“I am going back to the mansion.” Malachi immediately ran to the direction where he came from.Seraphina was confused. He retrieved the book of necromancy. From a logical perspective, Malachi should have run far away from this place and learn the art before slowly regaining his former power. If revenge was what he wanted, he could wait until he gain sufficient strength. With the memories of his past life, that shouldn’t be difficult. ‘So why is he heading back to the mansion now?’ Seraphina pondered.As Malachi sprinted through the forest, clutching the book of necromancy tightly in his hands, his mind raced with conflicting emotions. As they neared the mansion, the sounds of rustling leaves were replaced by the distant murmurs of people. The moon's soft glow began to illuminate their path as darkness settled over the landscape. “Seraphina, fly ahead and inform me if there are any guards.”“The guards are still patrolling,” Seraphina
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Chapter 10 Death of Lily
[You have reached level 20][You have learned “Dark Bolt”][You have learned “Shadow Cloak”][You have learned “Soul Reap”][You have learned “Necrotic Aura”][You have learned “Grasp of The Abyss”][You have learned “Necromantic Art: Stygian Blades”][You have learned “Necromantic Mastery: Cursed Affliction”]Lily's heart raced as Malachi's gaze met hers, his eyes now reflecting a darkness that seemed to devour the very light around them. The room felt heavy with an otherworldly presence, and the air grew thick with tension.The maids gasped in horror, their faces pale as they exchanged fearful glances. The whispers of demonic voices seemed to grow louder, swirling around them like a malevolent chorus.“HAHAHAHA!”Malachi's lips curled into a sinister smile, and his voice carried a chilling edge as he finally spoke. "Lily, my dear, you've stumbled into a place you were never meant to see." Lily took a step back, trembling in fright as she couldn’t process what she saw.“W—who are yo
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