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Anjoh Kamado is living the high life. He is the most intelligent, most handsome and most achieving student in his school. He is also the heir of a world wide successful conglomerate. But none of that matters when he gets hit by a truck whilst running from a girl. Fortunately he wakes up as the first born royal in the kingdom of Amaris. Unfortunately in a week the kingdom is attacked and he loses all his wealth and status in an instant. Now he endeavors to take back his kingdom. But before he does so, he must undergo many trials and difficulties in order to become strong enough to fulfill his goals. He becomes close companions with two siblings who are later identified as Ginknights. Ginknights are a closed off corporation of individuals who are superior weapon masters and they take up the hardest jobs that normal adventurers can't handle. Alsi trains with them and learns their weapon crafting as well as their combat techniques. He also learns how to use kine(basically magic). He makes some more friends and with his skills and knowledge he moves forward in his mission. However he doesn't know that there is more involved than just taking back his kingdom.

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Chapter 1
"Anjoh…Anjoh!...ANJOH!" "AH!" *THUD* Anjoh wakes up to the feeling of the cold floor against his back. As he blinks repeatedly he can see a bunch of girls staring down at him. "Are you okay?! I'm so sorry!" Says the first girl. "Oh look, you dropped him!" Said the second girl. "Oh shut up! I just pushed a little too hard!" Replied the first girl. "OMG he's so dreamy even on the floor-" "Shut up, you're all annoying me even more…"Said Anjoh as he got up. He leaned against his desk and passed his left hand through the back of his head, his chair was still on the floor. The light penetrated through the windows of the classroom, giving it a bright atmosphere. He looked around and then looked back at the girls who were all staring at him with quiet concern. "Why did you even wake me up in the first place?" He asked them. They all blushed the moment he looked at them, one of them answered him… "Oh-well…Class is over." She said, he kept silent for a bit and t
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Chapter 2
Alsi looked the purple girl in the eyes, and she stared him right back. "Me?...cease to exist? Hah! Good luck with that!" Said Alsi. "From where I stand you have no right to say that at a moment like this." Replied the purple girl. " I'm too amazing to 'not exist', even you know that…it's why you're here." "No, I'm here because if I don't fix this mess, I'm gonna be in huge trouble." "What do you mean?" He asked. She gave him the same irritated look and explained… "Here's the thing, you're not supposed to be in the body you're in… and the owner of that body has prematurely reincarnated into the body you're supposed to possess." She said. "So you're telling me that the experience I had was another life?" "What else do you think it was?" "I don't know… I thought I just fell asleep!" He said.The girl took a big sigh and spoke again… "Oh well, so the problem here is that before people reincarnate, they lose every connection to their
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Chapter 3
Alsi and the cloaked fighter were locked in eye contact. He wondered why this man was staring at him in such a manner. He could hear people in the crowd saying to each other… "I can't believe he beat Gole!" "He's not from around here did you know that?" "Really, where's he from?" When Alsi blinks, the cloaked man disappears. Alsi looks around, however he cannot see him anywhere. (Who was that guy? I have to find him.) "Hey! Goat face! Find that guy in a cloak!" "I do not know who you're talking about master…" "What do you mean 'you don't know who I'm talking about'!? We just saw him kick butt a minute ago!" "Stop being silly big brother,there was no such person here." Said Aod. "What!?" It's then that Alsi noticed something. Everyone who watched the fight, suddenly dispersed as if nothing happened. Even the guy who just had his ass handed to him woke up and looked confused. (What the heck is going on!?) He thought to himself with a baffled express
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Chapter 4
The smell of smoke is vibrant in the air. The sounds of fearful cries can be heard in the distance. The chilling floor can be felt as Alsi presses his hand against it, staring up at one of the people he deemed irrelevant but somehow easy to remember. The goat face with his long beard gave him a smile that made his spine shiver with fear. "Hello Master." The guard greeted him with the same smile that implied the torture he had in store for him. "What is it?…you look terrified, actually, you seem very ill." Alsi knew what the guard was getting at. He showed no regard what so ever for his sick wife earlier. "L-leave me alone!" Alsi pleaded whilst backing away from the guard who took slow but vigorous steps towards him. " I told you my wife was sick right? She is also pregnant. You were going to kill my wife and my son at the same time! Now, I'm going to make sure you die, because it's disgusting to think that my son would live in the same world as You!" With th
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Chapter 5
"That hair looks too familiar, haven't I seen you on the notice board?" She asked. Alsi was at a loss, he didn't know what to say next. " If he was on the notice board that makes sense. He was kidnapped and now we're helping him get back home." Said Tatiana. There was a bit of an uncomfortable silence around the place. The light penetrated through the windows bouncing off the wooden tables and shining through the glasses of water and beer. The waiters were still moving around and taking orders but even they could feel the change in atmosphere. Suddenly Lana, the lady behind the counter, spoke… "Awww, you must be traumatised! You know what…' she heads to the back and comes out after a minute with a glass of fruit drink decorated with a little umbrella and a straw… "Here's a drink, on the house." She set the drink on the table with a smile. "Thank you…" Alsi said with a timid voice. 'Ahh…I sound like my little brother..Hmm..probably dead by now.' " Heyyy, h
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Chapter 6
The trees stretched high over the green grass that covered the forest grounds. The air was fresh and the atmosphere was lively and calm. Well, not anymore. There sat Alsi, breathing like an asthmatic squirrel. The soldiers were talking to the driver and Luck went to confront them. Alsi started to calm himself… 'Calm down Alsi.' He tells himself. 'Why are the soldiers all the way out here? From what I remember they were being slaughtered ruthlessly. If they managed to fight back then they should be in the capital trying to piece things back together.' Alsi could now hear them coming around the carriage. 'Damn!' Alsi looks over at Tatiana with a vulnerable expression that entailed the situation. Tatiana looked at him with a reassuring smile and just sat there… 'You Bitch! What's a smile gonna do in a situa-' One soldier looked into the carriage, and Alsi looked straight back at him. 'Crap! This is it!' The soldier kept looking at Alsi for a moment l
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Chapter 7
Smoke was rising from near by, the atmosphere became stale with suspense. Alsi didn't know what just made the spine shaking sound but he could feel the ground vibrate to it's impending presence. Luck turns his head to Alsi and Alsi looks back at him. Meanwhile, Tatiana and the rest of the group were waiting for Alsi and Luck to get back from the morning hunt. She sat at the back of the carriage, kicking her feet whilst resting her head on her hand. Enegus sat in the carriage with his arms folded. Archer was still fast asleep. "'Sigh' they're taking quite a while. I wonder what's keeping them." She said. "Hmm, maybe they are having too much fun." Replied Enegus. "Doesn't Luck know that we have a long way to go? He can be so irritating sometimes. " "Well it's been a while since he's had someone he can show off to." They both laughed… "William is a nice kid." Said Tatiana. "I very much agree…he reminds me alot of my younger brother. He even gi
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Chapter 8
Alsi looks straight at the receptionist. Her smile made him feel like every synonym for disturbed. Everyone in the inn is minding their own business, enjoying their dinner. Except for the two guards who were closing in on him. "What do you want from me?" Alsi asked the receptionist with a serious look in his scarlet eyes. "You have been lost for some days now. Your face is almost everywhere the closer one gets to the capital." "Why are they looking for me?" "What? You didn't know!? Your highness, they are desperately looking for someone to take the throne. The…' she hesitated for a bit,'the young Prince Aod is nowhere to be seen. He might already be dead." She said with a faked empathetic expression. 'Hm! No surprise there…' Alsi thought regarding his brother. "This kingdom needs its ruler, and now that you're here…" Alsi noticed the guards taking stances, they were getting ready to capture him based on his response. It's like they knew tha
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Chapter 9
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH SLEEPING HERE WITH US!?" "You guys disgust me. Archer farts all night and it pushes me to the brink of death all the time." Alsi responded to Luck. "No he does not!" Luck defended Archer, who didn't seem to care. "Yes he does. You don't know just how many of my ancestors I've already met at the boarders of the afterlife." "Well guess what, you're about to be get a one way ticket-" "I'm not surprised Luck. We can be a real bunch of rowdy sleepers."Said Enegus. "I agree with Enegus, besides, if William doesn't want to spend the night with you guys then let him be. Let's go William, we've got a big day ahead of us." Said Tatiana whilst leaving the room. "Maybe you're just jealous…" said Archer. " No! There's no way !" Luck responds. The voices started to blur as Tatiana and Alsi walked along the hallway. Alsi followed Tatiana until they arrived at double doors at the end of the hallway. 'Double door
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Chapter 10
Palms are sweaty, his knees weak, arms are heavy. The atmosphere is thick and he's worried, shit got scary. Alsi didn't know how he's going to get out of this situation, heck he doubted if he'll even make it out alive. Everyone was staring at him, others with greed, others with hate. "What? The prince!?" The crowd murmured amongst themselves… "Have you seen the notices? He fetches for an amazing price! We are gonna be rich!" " No!" Luck jumped up to defend him, " He's not who you think he is! He's just a kid who got kidnapped!" "You must be an idiot if you're gonna believe that piece of crap!" The people in the crowd shouted. "Yeah! That's the first prince of Amaris! Everyone has been looking for him for days!" "What are you talking about!" Said Luck. Suddenly, Tatiana appeared with a blank look on her face, she looked lost and confused. Luck scanned Tatiana's expression, Alsi feared it. At this moment, Archer and Enegus had already join
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