31. A Very Stormy Ride

Some of the richest places of culture and wellness are within the depths and the heights of the Second Heavens. True that they are the ones who are the closest to the first Heavens which is the abode of demons and every foul spirit. Yet they have the most origin story than most places which have ever existed, that is, if you did not consider the fact that teh Eledumare made the humans. For the fact that Eleduare made the humans, that should be more than enough to compete for more authenticity than any other story. 

Sorry, creators Privilege. Who are we to contest that? Certainly not me, I must say! 

The Second Heavens is largely dominated by the Drakoniain Confederacy which is more than a World Power. It is a Super World Power and even if it is not openly admitted, most of the shows on stage are run by the drakons and there is very little the other dWorld Powers in the area could do about it. That said, the other populace would be the Adze Circle, some outp


Now, we probe. The memories of Bayo as he relives them once more. Super interesting

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