unparalleled sword sovereign

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unparalleled sword sovereign

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Lu shang grew from a powerless weakling unable to protect himself from his mate or danger to a famous sword sovereign respected by all. He became the most powerful deity and warlord in the entire universe by wielding the heavenly divine sword, which no one else can use or control. Watch out for how Lu shang evolved into the world's greatest swordsman despite the hardships, difficulties, and trials he encountered, making him the unparalleled sword sovereign feared by everyone in the universe.


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186 chapters
Lu shang
"I challenge you to step onto the stage and fight me, Lu shang," Mo Shen said to Lu shang, who was in the training hall. Mo Shen was one of the powerful junior cultivators in the Glosom Sect battalion. "I'm sorry, Mo Shen, but I can't fight you today; I am tired for today; tomorrow we are going to spar," said Lu Shang, who was just about to leave the junior cultivator martial arts training hall. "I know you are afraid to fight with me because you are a fool, always giving excuses to run away from fights," said Mo Shen, who was mocking and trying to get Lu shang to fight with him because Lu shang was the weakest of all the young cultivators in the junior academy. "Hahaha, we are going to be seeing an interesting show before the end of the day." "With the strength of Mo Shen now, I think Lu Shang is going to be defeated in 10 moves." "I don't know why we have such a frightened person who is afraid to fight." "I even heard that Mo Shen just started learning a new skill named "windfl
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Strange necklace
"Hmmm." Mo Shen slowly raised his hands."Heavenly golden fist: first stage;destroying mountains!" shouted Lu shangLu shang's fist started to glow a golden yellow light, and his fist started going toward Mo Shen. With only an inch left to hit his target, Mo Shen performed his footwork combined with his newly learned skill, "windflaming fist.""Wind flaming fist!"Boom! Boom! Boom!Before Lu shang could even get close to Mo Shen, he was already sent flying to the wall because it was already too late to dodge the punch of Mo shen ."Do you think you can defeat me, or do you overestimate yourself?" Mo Shen sneered and ran towards Lu Shan to continue beating him.As Mo Shen got close to Lu Shan, the fight was stopped by a guard."Everybody's attention is needed at the hall; you are all ordered to be there by the sect leader," a guard of the sect said to the people in the training hall.Everybody was disappointed because the fight between Lu shang and Mo shen was stopped."Thank your star
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Surprised outcome 1
Sacred light and a dark yellow layer of lightning flashed around Lu shang's body as Heaven and Earth suddenly froze and released a terrifying force of gravity, which causes the gravity in the sect to rise. Meanwhile, outside Lu shang apartment, everywhere was pitch black and everybody was finding it difficult to move due to a strange power that was making everybody move slowly. Shortly, blood started coming out of the mouths of the weaker people who could not endure the pressure of the strange aura. The upper echelons were outside the sect, observing the situation of things happening in the sect. "What is happening?" "Why the sudden rise of gravity..." said the sect leader, who was looking at the sky. "Maybe there is a powerful expert nearby who is the ability of space and time," exclaimed elder Su after some consideration. "Then we have to take action by activating the sect defensive barrier to prevent the pressure from causing harm to the younger cultivators in the sect," the s
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Surprised outcome 2
Lu shang and the guardian spirit soon got to a room that was black throughout, and the guardian spirit took Lu shang to a place within the room. "We are here; don't hurry yourself in absorbing the world essence here because if you hurry, you are going to harm yourself due to the strong energy in the air," the guardian spirit said to Lu shang, and then he directed Lu shang to sit down. "OK, senior, I appreciate it," Lu shang sat down cross-legged. Lu shang sat down, and the guardian spirit placed his hands on the back of Lu shang to support him in making Lu shang absorb the world essence plentifully and making it easier for him. All the world essences in the dimension started flowing towards Lu shang's direction, and they rapidly started merging into Lu shang's body. The guardian spirit was shocked, and his mouth was so wide open that an egg would fit perfectly into his mouth. "So that is the reason why master chose him; master always has good eyes; this is a rare genius who seems
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Exiting the dimension
"I don't seem to understand something here; I am confused." Lu Shang looked at the senior elder guardian. "Am I what it is that you don't understand?" As long as it is within my capacity to answer you, I will try my best. Go on, I am all ears. Is there really anything I have no knowledge of after so many years of my existence?" The senior elder guardian giggled to himself before replying to Lu Shang. "It's about the necklace that merged into me and then suddenly brought me into this dimension," Lu shang said to the senior elder guardian who was standing beside Lu shang. "And what about the necklace?" "I don't think there is anything wrong with the necklace merging into you and then bringing your consciousness here; you were lucky enough to see the necklace, which turns your life around and is going to make you stand up strong and talented among all your mates." with all seriousness, the senior elder guardian glared at Lu shang. "I know I was lucky to see the necklace, but how did t
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Learning the "five elemental spacetime art"
As soon as the sect bell rang, everyone gathered in the hall, but the sect leader was still absent, so they were all waiting to hear what was going to be revealed. The sect leader could be seen entering through the back entrance and onto the stage that was set up in front of everyone. The sect leader paused and looked at everyone before saying, "You all know what is happening around the sect, how the gravity of the sect suddenly rose up." "We don't know what caused the abrupt increase in gravity, but we've been detecting the presence of powerful experts around the sect ever since the occurrence, and we advise everyone to take precautions by staying around the sect premises." The sect leader told everyone before departing out of the hall. Everyone left the stage as soon as the sect leader left, some heading to their respective homes and some going to the training room or library. Lu Shang could be seen standing in one spot, deeply immersed in his thought. "What happened?, that the
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Transparent golden divine light
Observing the divine power that appeared in his palm as transparent white, Lu Shang was astounded and unsure of what it meant. "I will consider it my good fortune to possess this white divine power as long as nothing is wrong with my body." "Once I get used to it and practice with it, it might even be helpful to me." Lu Shang thought. Lu Shang began studying the white divine light, but he learned nothing about it. "Perhaps I should find the senior elder guardian and question him about this weird divine power," he thought. In the middle of his body, where his martial core was, Lu shang sat down and closed his eyes before directing his consciousness to touch the yellow-golden martial core and then muttered open. This time he found it more easy to control his consciousness unlike the first time he tried controlling his consciousness Lu Shan's consciousness touched his martial core. He immediately vanished from his room and then reemerged in the spacetime realm. The senior elder guar
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Challenging Mo shen
It was already early in the morning as Lu Shang slowly opened his eyes. "How did I get to sleep?" Lu Shang pondered himself. After a while, he began to recall everything that occurred at night. "So, that's what took place." "What happened to the yellow light and the transparent white divine power that had developed in my hand at that point?" Lu Shang immediately began examining his body to check for any problems. After checking his body and finding nothing wrong with it, he felt at ease. However, when he sent his consciousness to check his inner body, he was shocked by what he discovered. Transparent, golden divine energy encircled his martial core. "What's the problem with all of this?" "I have been experiencing unusual things since taking over as the spacetime lord's successor." Lu Shang made the decision to set everything aside and begin his training this morning. Before training, Lu Shang opened his door and walked to a vacant spot on the side of his apartment. "I wonder
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Defeating Mo shen and his friends
In the sect, two people were seen exchanging venomous glances at one another. "Wind flaming fist!" Mo Shen was the first person to strike Lu Shang. Lu Shang chuckled with a curved lip. "Heavenly golden fist: first stage; destroying mountains! The two engaged in a violent collision. Hong ! A shockwave was created as the strong fists collided. Mo Shen moved three steps before balancing in the fourth, while Lu Shang remained still. "I don't get what's going on; why is Mo Shen at a disadvantage, surprisingly, while Lu Shang's attack is strong?" "I thought I was the only one seeing things; I expected Lu Shang would lose and collapse to the ground, but I see the unexpected and impossible here," the speaker said. A group of young cultivators began talking among themselves, "Something doesn't seem right because the Lu shang I know can't withstand the force of that strike." Ceng ! Without giving Mo Shen any chance, Lu Shang attacked Mo Shen after spinning in the air. "Heavenly gold
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Shocking everybody
Mo Shen and his friends were bound in the battle arena by Lu Shang, who then began hitting, punching, and kicking them. Only the voices of Mo Shen, Sun Quan, and Chang Chen could be heard in the training hall, as everything else remained silent. Lu xun was seen running to Lu shang, and Lu xun begged him to let them go. Lu Xun grinned and remarked, "You have grown stronger, younger brother." "Certainly, senior sister. That will at least prevent some of our problems, "Lu shang grinned as he spoke to Lu xun. "However, junior brother, you are taking this situation too far. They have already learned their lesson, so kindly let them go," Lu Xun said in response to Mo Shen and his friends' pleas. "This will also create us some problems since the powerful members of the sect who don't show themselves will seek you out and fight you because you claim to be strong." Concerned, Lu Xun pleaded with Lu Shan to reconsider and stop attacking Mo Shen and his friends. When Lu shang and Lu xun we
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