Against Heaven'S Destiny

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Against Heaven'S Destiny

By: Djisamsoe OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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“Ling Yueyin, Monarch Immortal Monarch, you wouldn't have thought that I Lin Tian not only perished, but also obtained a precious secret!” "Wait! I Immortal King Lin Tian will come soon and take all of your heads!" Those two vows were the first thing Lin Tian, the former Immortal King said when he was reborn carrying a mysterious scroll in his body. However, after he walked for a while, he discovered that the Mysterious Scroll, his lover's betrayal, and his past death were never that simple. The grand conspiracy that made him into a chess piece had been prepared from the start. However, even knowing that the Great Powers had calculated him from the start, Lin Tian vowed to never bow down to the world, not even the Heavens. "Heaven and World are one. Heaven and Earth are two. But I, Lin Tian are everything!" "Heaven and Hell, everything is under God's will. God is eternal, and I am the Immortal King. Want to destroy the King? Are you worthy?"

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  • Hilary Silenga


    Hey Author have you abandoned the book? I like the story despite its gender categorisation ..

    2024-05-10 17:18:04
  • Djisamsoe


    Hi everyone... If you like this book, maybe you will also like the book: "The Legend Of Sword God." ......

    2023-12-28 23:24:37
  • Jackie Uy


    awesome story

    2023-12-02 12:43:47
  • Iin Romita


    Wow, the author launched the umpteenth book. Spirit thur

    2023-05-10 14:00:15
  • Wanderer Disciple


    very nice novel but need some editing to the genders sometimes a guy is being called a her and vice versa otherwise everything else is very good Male/Boy is he/him/his/himself Female/Girl is she/her/hers/herself

    2024-03-01 00:04:43
  • Merlin Demonlord


    it has a good storyline but the grammar writing is poor the author doesn't know how to use (he,him,her,she, and others. how could you the gender of the character if you only use (he and him,) it's hard to understand if you keep correcting the wrong part before you continue reading

    2024-03-13 20:37:57
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340 chapters
The beginning
In the depths of the starry sky flickering in the vastness of darkness.On a cultivation planet, the beautiful mountains dotted with battlefields filled with battle scars, several human corpses lay lifeless. still with the blood coming out and the pungent fishy smell in the air. Along with the rainwater that was falling, and mixed with the blood that had not completely dissipated, this atmosphere added to the gloom of the current situation.Under the pouring rain, there were many people standing, with a sad look, fresh blood still dripping from their bodies, then merging with the rainwater that fell, making the clear rainwater immediately red blood, and forming a sea of ​​blood.Standing among the corpses that had not yet cooled down, and stepping on the sea of ​​blood under his feet, the scene at this moment looked like the Shura Hell.Their faces looked extremely gloomy, with gritted teeth and hateful eyes, they all looked at a small mountain in front of them."Lin Shao, hand over th
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Lin family, in a house, in a bedroom and on a simple-looking bed, on a wooden bed without a mat, a young man around 16 or 17 years old lay unconscious on it, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully and breathing easily.Despite his calm breathing, the young man was not feeling well, there were several serious injuries on his body and bruises all over his body were visible."Young master, young master… wake up… wake up young master!"Beside the bed sat a little girl around 15 years old, she held the hand of the young man lying on the bed, her eyes looked very nervous, fear was clear in her eyes, the little girl kept nervously calling out to the young man in front of her.At this time, the young man who looked thin and pitiful suddenly his eyelashes twitched. He seemed to want to say something, but he couldn't move his mouth. He only felt like scolding the voice of the girl next to him. He had fought a battle that shook the heavens and the earth, now, he wanted to take a short break, but the
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Mysterious scroll
Lin Lin's face became even redder, she bit her lips, tugged at the corners of her clothes and lowered her head even more, which made her head almost fall off.What happened to Young Master today? Did something happen to Young Master's head and make him stupid? Usually he doesn't really like to talk, but somehow he becomes talk ative and even teases herself? Could it be Young Master...Thinking of that possibility in her heart, Lin Lin felt a little happy, then she smiled and raised her head to look at Lin Tian again.But when she saw that Lin Tian was still sitting there and still smiling at him, she immediately lowered his head again. Lin Lin's face which had calmed down a bit immediately became red again and almost became like a tomato.Lin Lin felt embarrassed and didn't speak anymore. Lin Tian also did not speak.For a long time, there was no sound in the room.The atmosphere in the room became strange.Inside the room, there were two young men and a girl. One young man was sitting
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Eternal Star art
Lin Tian found that the mysterious scroll seemed to glow with a golden color, it looked ancient and looked majestic.When Lin Tian found it in the past, the mysterious scroll looked worn out and only looked like an ancient antique. Right now, even though the mysterious scroll still looked ancient, but it was dyed with a bright golden color and a majestic aura emanated from it.No matter how you look at it, this mysterious scroll is nothing out of the ordinary.There is only one inscription in the mysterious scroll "Heaven Star Chaos".Feeling curious, Lin Tian focused his mind to take a closer look.When Lin Tian's soul drew near, no coercion or aura emitted from it. the scroll just looked majestic and ancient, seemingly harmless and nothing more.Just when Lin Tian tried to touch it, a strong suction force came from the scroll and absorbed it very tightly. Lin Tian was shocked, he tried to pull back his soul consciousness back into the body, but his efforts were unsuccessful and with
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Knowing what he wanted, Lin Tian couldn't wait to start practicing immediately, but Lin Tian heard Lin Lin's movements from outside the door, so he could only give up. Before that, Lin Tian also needed to remove the poison in his meridians first."Young Master, it's Lin Lin, I brought food for Master. How should I treat her?" Lin Lin's innocent voice came from behind the bedroom door."Come in!" Lin Tian opened his eyes and said.After the door to the room was opened, Lin Lin was seen carrying a tray with some food and fruit on it.Looking at the tray in Lin Lin's hand, Lin Tian's gaze fell on a bowl of rice porridge on the tray. Even though it was just ordinary rice porridge, which was only filled with dried sliced ​​meat, Lin Tian could see something unusual.As a pinnacle existence in the immortal realms, Lin Tian knew various kinds of skills such as alchemy, formation and refinement. Although he didn't study medicine, the various materials and medicinal methods were almost the same
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Fat pig
Lin Tian frowned. Are all the servants in the Lin family all eyeless and think they don't exist?Himself is the Young Master of the Lin family, the Patriarch of the Lin family is his grandfather, if his own father had not left the Lin family a few years ago, he would definitely become the next Patriarch.Lin Tian shook his head, no wonder in the past Lin Tian and Lin Lin shared a meal. This Lin Family has truly stopped considering it as family.Seeing Lin Tian did not speak and shook his head. The female cook became angry."Don't tell me that I have to do it for you. If you were still the Young Master of the Lin family, I might have considered it, but now you are the trash and disgrace of the Lin family, so you'd better think about your position. Maybe, maybe if you beg and kneel down to me, I might change my mind." The female cook held both her hands on her chest, looked at Lin Tian and said word by word ruthlessly.Lin Tian just shook his head and sighed.This female butler being abl
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Sacred Pavilion
Hearing Lin Tian's answer, Lin Lin felt confused.Fat Pig? What does the fat pig have to do with this food?Lin Lin felt confused, she found that her Young Master today was really strange. Not only weird, but he also changed a lot, he became more mysterious and most importantly, he cares more about herself.Thinking of Lin Tian's concern for herself, Lin Lin felt sweet.Dispelled her thoughts for a moment, then turned his gaze to the food in front of her, Lin Lin felt hungry. Lin Lin couldn't remember how long it had been since her saw this much food.Not caring that Lin Tian was still staring at him, Lin Lin stretched out her hand, took the food in front of her and immediately ate it excitedly.Seeing Lin Lin like this, Lin Tian felt a feeling of pity in his heart.If she didn't follow himself but followed others, she definitely wouldn't be suffering like she is now. With Lin Lin's current appearance, it is not difficult to seek a better fate if her wants to.Knowing Lin Lin's sorrow
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Li Yaoleng
"Master, here are your potions. The total is 300 silver coins." The female servant said to Lin Tian kindly."What is not wrong?" Lin Tian frowned and asked.The price of spiritual potions was categorized by the grade of the potion and the rarity of the potion itself. First rank potions were priced at 10-50 silver, while second rank was between 50-150 silver. If there is a scarcity of materials, the price can be up to 2 times as much.All the herbs that Lin Tian wanted were on average still rank one, only the herbs of the Sun Grass could almost be said to be ranked second and all the herbs that Lin Tian wanted were not rare.In his past life, Sun Grass was almost worthless, if Sun Grass was thrown on the streets, no one would pick it up, it would stay on the streets until it rotted. Besides that the Sun Grass was only used by apprentice alchemists to study alchemy.Lin Tian guessed that the price of the elixir purchased would not be more than 200 silver, but he did not expect that it wo
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Moon ginseng
“Wait, what do you mean...” Li Yaoleng was dissatisfied with Lin Tian's words and wanted to ask more, but Lan Xueyu, who was behind her, touched her shoulder."What is it?" Li Yaoleng looked back and asked."Remember what we came here for?" Lan Xueyu looked at Li Yaoleng and asked."Yeah, we're looking for Sun Grass for a final treatment session before going to the Sect." Li Yao replied.“So, why should you care about the words of the third qi refining levelin six more days we have to leave immediately and you only have three days to look for the Sun Grass, if three days you can't get it and the cold in your body strikes again, what you've been doing all this time will be for nothing. You won't have this chance again either." Lan Xueyu reminded.“Even though he has taken the last of the Sun Grass, if the Sun Grass is indeed a step, we still have three days to find himeven if it really is a step, I don't believe that we can't even find it in the entire Longshan." Lan Xueyu continued.Af
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Lin Lin is missing
After buying some herbs that Lin Tian found useful, it was getting dark and he decided to return to the Lin family.When he just arrived at the front yard of his house, Lin Tian found the door of the house was open, not opened by opening it normally, but opened because the door slipped from its place and fell in the living room.When he stepped inside, the room inside also looked messy, there were several pieces of furniture scattered that were not in their place and traces of blood stains left on the floor.With the entrance falling inside and the room's messy situation right now, someone should have entered her house with unfriendly intentions.Someone enters the house by forcing the door open, then searches something in the room, after not finding what they want, he looks for someone to investigate, after finding the victim and unable to comply with the wishes of the perpetrator, several things happenviolence and left bloodstains on the floor.While thinking this, Lin Tian remembere
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