A Purple World Of Mages and Magic

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A Purple World Of Mages and Magic

By: Avacao OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Lance, a 15 year old boy who lost his mum, the only parent left, and then his job, is devastated and believes his life had come to an end and would only spiral downwards from then on. And it almost does, because he meets his end in a car accident , when he is transported to another world and reincarnated by fate and the forces at work. He is given a new life, a goal and purpose, to hold the torch of a mage, a wizard and fight the dark forces that are risen to destroy Golredot.

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Purple clouds
Chapter One The candescent lights were on at the grocery store. It was night and the night shift workers were about to start their work. But Lance Bottoms a 15 year old with brown-curly hair and beige skin was not going to be a part of it. The manager had called on him earlier, saying it was an important meeting. Lance hoped it wouldn't affect his night shift. He needed the extra cash, now more than ever. He walked up to the old steel door of Mr Drew's office and knocked. "Come in" A voice said from inside. Lance opened the door, the hinges creaking, and he walked inside. "Mr. Drew?" Mr. Drew was a middle aged man and grey hairs had started to make their first appearances on his head. He also wore a square rimmed spectacle, and he looked up. "Lance, yes."He dropped the magazine he was reviewing, and took a deep breath. "Look, I understand what you've been through. With the death of your mom and everything. A boy your age ain't supposed to go through that. And truly, I sy
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The Lyceum
Except it wasn't. Strangely he remembered this place as well, a magic school. And he was a student here, in Wiccan Academy. This was his dorm, grey walls and iron-alloyed bunk beds, like all dorms, and it was called Fort A. The boy staring into his face incredulously was Liam, his best buddy and Level mate. The memories were coming to him, freely, like afterthoughts. "You sure you're alright man? You really don't look ok to me." Liam said, sitting beside him. So what had changed?He sprang out from his bed and rushed to where he knew a large mirror would be waiting. "Lance!" Liam followed him. He observed his image in the mirror, he was still himself, brown wavy hair, beige skin and defined chin-bones. And he was wearing brown robes, with the purple belt. Nothing had changed, yet everything had changed. The only thing keeping him from freaking out, was his gratitude that he was still alive, and the fact that he was still himself, but with a memory from two lifetimes. He
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The Test
Liam swallowed, and stood on wobbly legs, almost buckling with the weight of a thousand stares on him. "I...I..sorry Professor, It looked like something was poking me on my seat, and I stood to check." A couple of students sniggered at the back. "I see. By all means do check if your chair is ok" The professor replied briefly before turning his gaze back to the general crowd. "Again, is there anyone who saw something?" Liam leaned back in his chair and whispered. "Oh goodness Lance, I'm going to hate you for this..""You'd have asked me if I wanted anything said first, before you decided to stand and speak." Lance argued back. "Besides nothing happened ""But you were clearly not yourself" Liam said. "Sshhh. Pls keep quiet. Let's not draw attention to ourselves again" Lance said. "Nothing happened to me "The professor continued."Alright. Now that's settled, let's head over to important matters. We are all aware of what takes place whenever the infamous Lords of Golredot grace t
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The Fire spell
It wouldn't be long before they connected the dots. "How did you know?" Lance swallowed. "Oh don't worry." Jodge waved him off. "You're not the one who disrupted the time-continuum"What? What was he saying?Lance raised a brow. "Who did?" Jodge hesitated. "Word has it someone cast a spell wrongly, but it has been rectified." Then his eyes brightened. " That's one of the reasons I love this place"Lance heaved a sigh of relief. So what had happened to him then?"Right" Lance said. "But I've not seen you before? You're new?""Yeah. Transferred from Pentagon College actually."Lance frowned. "Why? Pentagon is another good magic school , next to Wiccan.""Let's just say, their spells and magic teachings got too boring and safe for me and I had to leave. Wiccan offers more inspiring challenges as I've come to realize. I love the risks involved here, they are more dangerous...trains you to be a thorough magician."Lance nodded. "In a way I guess" "Come on, let's be friends.. I mean I
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Lance's heart skipped two beats. "The professor? Professor Trevor?!" He said, a bit too loudly, drawing Miss.Eloise's attention. "Can you guys quiet it over there pls?" She glared at them briefly before continuing her mixing. "Why, why did he call you?" Lance whispered. His heart was pounding irrationally now, and he hoped Liam hadn't divulged any secret or leaked anything about what happened the night before. He still feared to think what would happen if he was discovered to have had something to do with the altercation, wether he caused it or not. Deportation was most probable and likely the case. Back to the life he hated and abhorred. He was much better off here. Or was he?Liam responded."He asked if there was something I needed to tell him . He thought I couldn't say it there in the Lyceum because I was nervous and worried. So he had to call me into his office and ask me about yesterday." Lance swallowed. He had been forced to do that a lot lately. Did the Professor alre
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The Liburnum
Jodge sauntered across the gravel floor on Lance's right. Liam walked at the left side, tugging his purple fabric belt tighter, the purple sky clear and ominous ahead of them. They were five minutes into their journey towards the lake. "It would have been more tolerable if they let us eat our last meals, and to our satisfaction before sentencing us to our inevitable deaths. Wiccan is yet the dumbest school I've ever seen. I mean what kinda school is after their students lives?."Frank kept at their backs, him and Glenda who was also a distance away, a solemn, brooding expression on her face. "Wiccan is actually the best. You won't know that since you haven't been to any other school yet." Jodge frowned at Liam. Liam looked at him like he was about to start an argument he knew nothing about and wouldn't like the outcome. "What did you tell Professor Trevor?" Lance whispered to Liam, deciding to intervene in the argument that was about to erupt. He would rather opt for some peace a
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White fluids & needles
"He has a point " Frank said, speaking for the second time. "It's not a good point." Liam said. "I didn't think you were a scaredy-cat Jodge. I think we should split up, that way we can be done before the time is up. " Jodge seemed impatient enough to come back at Liam, but then he quelled. "I am not scared, but if you guys insist, then let's go our separate ways" " Who is taking this one then?" Glenda asked. There was silence among them for a brief moment, as they looked anxiously at each other."I'll take it" Lance said. "You guys move on" They all nodded and headed out in opposite directions. "Alright. It's me and you dear Liburnum. You better treat me right " Lance muttered when the others had gone off. He exhaled deeply, then crouched beside the plant. It was small in stature, slender and beautiful, almost docile.How could such a thing be that deadly?But it's teeth were long and colorful needle-like spikes, and could reach as far as even the receptacle.And what was eve
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The Apothecary
"Sorry Miss. Eloise, I'm trying--""Clear your mind of every worry and distraction. Empty it and Focus. Feel the fire, and let it hear your summons, your call, then channel it through with the hand gesture. "Lance tried again, and he was able to clear his head. And when he did so, the emblems surged within him and then he made the pattern as instructed. A slow movement to the right, left,then a final circular motion and the fire appeared on his fingertips. And he wanted to jump for joy. "Good." Miss. Eloise said, moving on to the next person till everyone had yellow emblems snaking away at their fingertips, some looking like blackened scarecrows on fire.He tried to keep the tiny flame alive but it kept flickering out so much that it started annoying him. Jodge who had gotten his right as well, caught Lance's gaze and gave a smug grin. Then in a flash of a moment, his fire had morphed into a small ball and he hurled it towards Lance. "What the--!" Lance exclaimed and swerved
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A Scroll from the Lords of Golredot
"What are we looking for exactly?" Frank asked. "I asked the ones who were affected and got treated, they said the physicians at the medic center used an antidote that was prepared here. The Nummix antidote" Glenda whispered, straining her eyes to spot what they were looking for in the dark, to no avail. "Right. And we could have just gone to the medic unit, since it's there. Logical enough. I don't see why no one thought of that""I think it's here. It must have been brought back obviously because what's from the Apothecary stays in the Apothecary, you should know that." Glenda said. "So what are we looking at exactly?" Frank said"A black glass jar like the Nummix." Frank said."I honestly didn't sign up for this, what if we get--" . "Being a girl again huh?"Glenda interjected. "It's not about being a girl, I have to say what I'm feeling! " Frank retorted. "Can you guys quiet it down and quit bickering all the time " Jodge said. And they searched on in silence for a while, th
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Fire practice!
"""""Jodge heard it too, and he had stood quietly from his seat, trying not to alert anyone and look conspicuous as he went in search of the voice. He left the back entrance to the Lyceum, reaching the small room that was divided into two hallways. One on the right led to the various Forts, and the other on the left, to the deeper parts of the Wiccan fortresses. The one on the left had grey-stone walls similar to a labyrinth and had dimly lit lamps in their sconces fixed to the wall. It interested him mostly because it was off limits to students, and he'd not being there yet. Then he heard it again. "Jodddgggee" And he shivered, in a way that felt good. The voice was faint, light, and distant,and it was coming from the hallway with grey-stones. He looked back for any chance of someone lurking around or having followed him, then he ventured into the passage. He took a torch, then thought better of it and dropped it back. The path was lit enough for him to see. On the walls w
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