49. Unexpected!!!

Damn… Bayo whimpered. The two of them had been moving at the speed of light or maybe even faster. Did that not mean he was really done for if he got on the bad side of the Hand of the Sect? 

As those thoughts crossed through the mind of Bayo,. Observing the form of the one who he had begun to hold in admiration,the Hand of the Sect looked drunken with laughter and excitement. He looked down on Bayo. Which Was not a deliberate thing but rather because of the extreme difference in height so it couldn't be helped. As he did, a sliver of mischievous sparked within his eyes as he dropped to his knees.

After doing that, he yawned, stretching his hands into the sky and then laying them before him. Thereafter, adopting the monk position, watching a rather terrified and exultant Bayo. He shook his head slowly, taking in slow breaths bfroe moving to likc his fingers and giving out a deep exhalation.

As he did that, the chains in his arms began to rattle, although


I didn't expect this too. Like wtf?

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