Navigating The World Of Mystical Creatures

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Navigating The World Of Mystical Creatures

By: siGNaTure9 OngoingFantasy

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The balance between chaos and order was upset when the most powerful creature in the city, Oliver Stone, killed one of the vampires as a warning to them, as he thought they had stolen the one thing the Vatican trusted in his hands—the ring of the damned.   In a world where mystical creatures coexisted with humans undiscovered, Oliver Stone was born to balance both chaos and order because he was born of two oppositely powerful creatures that he wasn't aware of.   What happens when he fails to perform his duty and everything he tried to prevent becomes his reality?  

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48 chapters
Chapter 1
WhispersHe lay in his bed constantly tossing and turning. The whispers of the vampire lord, Omar, disturbed his peace of mind. Due to his nature, he possessed an incredible psychic perception, which was why he was able to hear Omar’s whispers. It was concerning the ring of the damned. He thought they had recovered the ring of the damned, thus overcoming his greatest fear. Unfortunately, he hadn’t. The worst was only just beginning.He then awoke with a boisterous cry. The whispers were too disturbing to handle. He got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. Then he stared at the mirror in front of him. He tried to silence the noise, and he did. He was sure that he still possessed the ring of the damned, so why on earth was he being sickened by Omar’s whispers?Subsequently, he took out his phone from his back pocket and dialed Roland, his mentor’s line. It rang, and he eventually picked it up.“Any problem, Oly?” Roland asked with a sleepy tone.“I don’t think the
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Chapter 2
The Stolen Ring“Father Michael, it’s me, Damian,” he said calmly.“Father…?” Damian called out as he titled the door knobs and opened the door.“Father?” Damian called, but there was no response. It was like he wasn’t even there. Damian could have sworn that he saw Father Michael come into his room. He searched everywhere in the room for him but still couldn’t find him.“Must I have been hallucinating?” Damian asked himself.“What are you doing in my room, my boy?” Father Micheal asked calmly and confused as well.“Father?!” Damian said he was frightened. “But-but you were just here a few minutes ago,” Damian explained in great confusion.“Have you started seeing ghosts, Damain?” Father Michael asked sternly.“Father, I’m telling you the truth.” “I saw you enter your room just a few minutes ago,” Damian declared.“Damian, I just got back from the Welhoursts.” “How could I have just entered my room?” Father Michael asked with a chuckle.“I’m serious, father.” “I just saw you enter yo
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Chapter 3
CALLS UNANSWERDThe shapeshifter, Claudia, who stole the ring from Oliver, reported back to the person who had sent her.“Were you successful?” he asked.“Yes Omar. “Oliver would never suspect you,” Cluadia said with a smirk.“Why would he?” “After all, I gave him the ring after taking it from the Vatican,” Omar said.“I bet they’ll be blaming the vampires because I broke the neck of that man, what’s his name? “ “Welcome!” Claudia said.Omar’s whispers kept on disturbing Oliver because Omar knew that he would cave in once he couldn’t have enough of them, and he was right. Oliver’s decision to give it to the priest was prompted by Omar, and he knew Oliver would resort to the priest in the end. He just needed a medium to get the priest out of the church, and the death of a loved one was the only option.By the time Father Michael was done conversing with Mr. Welhourst, it was already getting dark, and he had to be on his way. When he got into his car, Claudia followed him from behind un
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Chapter 4
The RevelationRoland got to Oliver’s and banged on the door. It took some minutes before Oliver answered the door. It was clear to Roland that Oliver had just become entangled with someone.“Row, I saw your calls.” What happened?” Oliver asked.“You just started a war, and what do you do?” “You go around fucking women like some halot!” Roland said in anger.“I’m half human; I’m allowed to make mistakes,” Oliver said sternly in his defense.“Any problem?” the lady asked as she came out of the room fully clothed because of the commotion that was happening.“Get out!” Roland ordered in anger.“Excuse me?” The lady asked in annoyance.“I believe I was very explicit,” Roland said sternly.“So sorry, Vanessa, but you have to go now,” Oliver said calmly.“Don’t call me,” Vanessa said, vexed, as she took her bag and walked out. She then banged the door shut.“Roland, talk to me.” What happened?” Oliver asked.“Five innocent humans died at the hands of the vampires in this city.” “Guess who’s
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Chapter 5
Our Secrets Are Catching Up With UsCharlie later came by Oliver’s place. She sat next to Roland while pouring a drink into his cup. Meanwhile, Oliver stood akimbo, wondering how he fumbled his duty to the city.“What are you gonna do now, Oly? I mean, your life is pretty messed up. “I’m shocked you haven’t gotten a call from the Vatican yet,” Charlie said.“I’m going to have a word with Ludacris,” Oliver said sternly.“You are not going to have a word with anybody, Oliver,” Roland demanded.“Relax, I’m not going to kill anybody,” Oliver assured.“Then I’m coming with you,” Roland declared.“I wanna come too.” We’ve been best friends, Oly, and you’ve always been there for me. “I want to be there for you,” Charlie stated.“No. Ludacris hurt Damian because he knew he couldn’t harm the priest. I don’t want him to hurt you. “Please stay back,” Oliver begged.“Okay,” Charlie said in accordance with his plea.“Let’s go,” Oliver said, referring to Roland. He then took his car keys and left.
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Chapter 6
I DON’T KISS AND TELLJean, one of the top guns of Vatican had just ordered Oliver to turn his car around and head to the HQ. As he and Roland walked in they conversed.“Whatever you do, don’t say the truth and concerning the framed murder, admit to killing them” Ronald advised.“The fuck? Why would I do that? Ludacris framed me just to get back at me” Oliver retorted.“And why did he want to get back at you?” Roland asked.“Because I killed one of his guys” Oliver replied confused about where Ronald was driving at.“And why did you kill him?” Roland asked.“As a warning. He stole the ring of the da… you’re right” Oliver said as he finally realised where Roland was driving at.“I’m always right” Roland boasted.“So what do I tell them?” Oliver asked.“Too late, just figure it out while you’re in there” Ronald said as Jean approached them.“Roland” Jean greeted.“Jean” he replied.“Jean” Oliver greeted.“Oliver” Jean replied.“Come with me. If you would excuse us Roland” Jean said and
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Chapter 7
COURTESY OF OLIVER STONESOliver and Charlie laid covered in the sheets. She rested her head upon his chest while he ran his fingertips down her hair. "I love you. I've always had. That's why I didn't want you to get involved in all of this" Oliver confessed."And I've always loved you too. That's why I make sure you're okay every time even if the odds aren't against you. But we've been friends for like ten years now. I didn't want to ruin our friendship" Charlie said."Yeah" Oliver said. There was a moment of silence before a sudden knock on the door broke it."Is that Roland?" Charlie asked."I don't know, just put on your clothes" Oliver ordered and she did as she was told immediately. Oliver then went to the door to see who was knocking."Who is it?" Oliver asked."Open up" the person answered sternly. Oliver immediately recognized the voice. He then opened the door."Father" Oliver greeted."Thanks to you, I lost my church but I'm still a good person. Just because I work for th
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Chapter 8
: FAR FROM HOME"I've not been down here since that incident happened. I don't even know if I can bring myself to perform black magic again" Lizz said as she stirred an elixir in a mortar."Can you stop talking about it, Lizz… please?" Charlie begged calmly."Sorry baby" Lizz said."Not to pry in your business Charlie but what happened?" Roland asked."I don't wanna talk about it Roland. Sorry" Charlie replied."Sure. Sorry I asked" Roland said."So…when doing an uncloaking spell, don't you like need something related to that object?" Roland asked."Sure, I didn't even ask. What are we looking for?" Lizz asked."A ring" Charlie answered. She looked at Roland to be sure whether to tell Lizz the type of ring she was looking for. Roland then gave her the green light."Baby, don't tell me you brought me all the way down just to look for some engagement ring" Lizz said in annoyance."It's not just a ring Lizzy. It's the ring of the damned" Charlie said calmly. Lizz was beyond shocked."I'm
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Chapter 9
COURTESY OF OLIVER STONESHours later, they got to the new home. It was one abandoned duplex with no neighbours. Everything they needed- food, water, was available. They just had to do some cleaning. As soon as they were done, Charlie took Malcolm to their room and sang him to sleep. After that, she went to meet Oliver and co in the living room."He's asleep" Charlie said stressed out."Great, so who is he?" Oliver asked impatiently."He's just a kid, calm down Oly" father Micheal said."Oliver was right and wrong at the same time. A vampire took the ring but not just any vampire. It's the vampire lord" Roland said."Omar. He used Malcolm's mother to cloak the ring. She practiced black magic" Charlie explained."Vampires can compel but Omar can compel and possess" Roland explained."When we told her we wanted to find the ring she lied and Roland could tell" Charlie said."It was almost as if she didn't want us to find it. So I threatened her" Roland explained."He pointed a gun at her
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Chapter 10
I'VE GOT MY EYES ON YOUThe police department was very busy after one of their men had just found the mutilated body. He came in and reported to officer Mikey. He was of higher ranking in that department. They then drove to the area of the crime scene and they began investigating. They already began blocking the place so one one would disturb the crime scene."How on earth has nobody seen this guy?" Officer Mikey."I think you need to interrogate another man of God" one officer Mikey mentioned."The priest had nothing. Who else do you have in mind?" officer Mikey asked."Pastor Zachariah. He seemed to have known and perhaps seen Oliver stones to well" the officer replied."The pastor of abundant angels" Officer Mikey said to himself.***********The next morning, Charlie woke up to prepare breakfast for everyone. Roland awakened and joined her in preparing breakfast."You couldn't sleep? Why are you awake this early?" Charlie asked."How can one even have the courage to have a shut e
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