69. Releasing the 7 Chained Masquerade

"So say my name… say my name." The voice sounded more louder now but still as a whisper that was spoken to her ears directly. "So, say my name. I'll be there, when, when, you call me." It repeated.

What name, Hana wondered amidst the throbs of pains.

Every part of her was scalding, her flesh exposed and reddening. And yet the flogging did not stop.

Initially, she had gone numb to the pain that raced through her pain, setting all of her nerves on fire. Accepting her fate as there was literally nothing for her to do.

The pain was deafening, the agony through her whole body was blinding. It didn't allow for her to think much, neither did it allow for her to access her Agbara reserves.

Yet, more pain racked through her the more the whips descended.

Seeing Shin had made the tables turn a bit. She was a bit relieved to see how much he was standing up to take the hit for her. But then the relief she got was only momentary. For just as he had


Hahaha! It's showdown time. I can't believe I gottoghis part. I remembered writing the outline a year back and now I write it. I will uploads imagery of the Masquerades later on. I hope you like this. I have completed the end of my mass upload for this Month so... hurray, December and slow updates. Lol. Just kidding. I'm sorry for the extremely long chapters btw.

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