68. The Masquerade Retribution II


"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Hana yelled out, arching out instantly as the whip lashed at her exposed back.

And like before the dancing Masquerade pulled it off, this time the blades tearing not only her flesh but also ripping the kimono to bits. 




Heavy breaths, Hana sagged at her lungs, trying to stomach the pain as she watched the Hatter Masquerade now. 

The whip it used on her was simply an extension of it's twine-like hands, each of them turning into whips through which it used to lash at her.

And on top of it, with the way it danced about, bringing it's face down to leer at her, it was enjoying it. Just as much as the crowd was enjoying it as well.

Her rage knew no bounds. 

Embittered, she stared daggers at the people of the crowd, swearing revenge in her heart. For now, she strained, trying to get up, she had to focus on the Masquerade dealing


Say my name... Say my name... What name? By, I referenced that off from a Song. I can't remember the title of it.

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