76. Battle of Masquerades

It was time for her to take things serious, or so Ashabi was willing to think so. 

She was a Masquerade, a phantom one at that who was jaut recently bonded to the Hadjan Host, Hana. There was only so much control she could have. It was literally from jumping from one master to another, except that this one was the one whom she could edge over. 

This was not the Cheif of Fair Weather. It was not the matter who knew how to use the collective powers of the other Masquerades in order to force her submission. Now, that it was just them and her, Ashabi was willing to deal drastic damages to them. 

She had to make sure that the power the Chief enjoyed was massively cut off before he came around. 

That Chief, she truly had a lot to settle with him. However now, She had to to deal with the most obvious problems before her. 

The five standing Masquerades. Moshi, the Wind Masquerade was already gone and so defeated. 

It was no strange that it had

Finally, the battle happens. Lol, I couldn't keep postponing it. It's not like it was badass, Ashabi is badass already so the others won't be any issh for her at all. Well, I'm curious about that middle aged Yetian. Wbu

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