Burning Soul

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Burning Soul

By: DosxNova OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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He was running through the thick, dark forest surrounded by nothing, but danger and right now he was being hunted. Rushing along the path while holding on to a delicate armament, ain’t a joke but, when it’s something you risked it all for, it’s worth it. "Don’t let him get out of sight!” A shout echoed through, that nearly shuddered him. He was fast, but he had to take the lead, being caught by the soldiers meant nothing but trouble. After entering a denser region of the forest, he used one of his exclusive skills. ‘Stealth’, and he vanished. “What the hell? Where did he go! Find him!” He could see those soldiers conversing from a few branches above. Climbing that fast certainly helped him well. Now he had to wait for them to scatter away, which they did in just a while allowing him to escape. Entering a castle certainly proved to be a difficult task, but to him, it was just a daily routine. He walked right through the castle halls and entered a seemingly familiar room. “Alas! finally, there’s no one on my back!” He thought, letting out a sigh of relief he entered the room but was caught off-guard as he was pinned by a girl, young and beautiful but rather stronger than him. “Got you, Prince!”

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The Prince who like Running away
The continent of Balarukh was the place that the heavens and hells envied. A place that not only saw prosperity but had witnessed an unimaginable amount of death. There lived many different species in harmony, or at least right now. It was not known to any when this world was formed and what happened after it did. The only history everyone knew and had any idea about was since the era of prosperity. Life flourished throughout the world. This world saw entire civilizations rise and fall. . In the mainland, a small delicate looking figure was running through the dense forest.  People chasing that person seemed to lack agility and were being left behind. His speed was impressive enough. The darkness that was eloping the wild seemed to be in that person's favour. Those who were chasing him were on the verge of losing the visuals on him.  . . After a while they stopped under a giant tree to get hold of their breaths, "How
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The Royal Banquet
In the hall, everyone was greeting the crown prince for his 25th birthday. Nicholas was now a full-fledged grown-up,  Many girls were trying to eye on him, no wonder there, he'd definitely become a king one day and he was extraordinarily handsome as well. He had the charm to make any girl fall for him. The nobles were also trying to gain his attention for future relations to get stable. ."Nicholas, forgive me if my taste is bad but, I tried to score the best sword our blacksmith could produce. Here take this, I call 'Raḯa', a sword forged to slay evil, or so. Do you like it?" 

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Once the Oracle had spoken
"Theo! The-o-dore!What happened? Wait a minute!" Vivian was running to catch him along with Nicholas.After Theo left the dine abruptly they both chased him to his room. They both ran behind him shouting out to him, even the guards tried stepping in but he was too agile to be caught, "Brother, you know our father, please don't get upset by his words. Besides, what can even harm any of us?"  Nic tried to pursue Theodore with his words but Theo kept running towards his room with tears in his eyes. "I knew he'd pull such a taunt, he knows I d
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The love she had for him
"Theo! Let me in. Don't shut yourself." Vivian asked through the door."Go away! If you are also going to persuade me into this, just leave." His reply made her skip a beat. She felt rejected but she wasn’t ready to give up.  She remembered the first time she met Theodore.Theodore was 8 years old when his mother passed away. That tragedy left him with a deep scar. He had shut himself from the world. He wouldn't even eat properly. He also stopped talking to people. Everyone was worried to the bones, he looked like the saddest figure alive. 
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An introduction to the Ruins long forgotten
"I'm sorry for leaving with such rude manners,I hope I am not being a bother to you all." Vivian apologized to all at dining with a bow. She looked no less beautiful than a goddess. The posture and her manner almost blushed everyone. With her charm, she was able to pull Jason out of the awkward situation."Don't let it concern you, Lady Vivian and even your father have been attending us. What more could we ask?"One of the nobles replied to which she nodded. "With that being said, Brother Nicholas, what did he gift you?What good luck charm you talked about?" Vivian asked while sitting on her chair. 

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To the Ruins, we go!
The following day, before anyone could wake, Theodore tried to sneak out of the palace. He quietly left the room and walked towards the end of the hallway. He pushed the door and tried to peek, but just as he thought he was clear, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed him from behind and pulled him back. "You think you can make a fool out of me? You are still a kid to me, stupid." He was startled by being found out by his sister, again.  "Theo, you need to find something new to try. Well, I assume your ‘Great Escape’ is unsuccessful
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And there, he appeared!
In the forest, Theodore was running hurriedly. Something big was chasing him. "Damn these beasts, weren't they supposedly dead? How the hell…?" .As he complained the creature that was chasing him was closing in. Its roar trembled the forest with fear. That creature was none other than an 'Astral Beast'. .As it suggests, the 'Astral Beasts' were life-forms from another plane. Encountering one into one battle was no joke as the creature was extremely powerful. Life beyond the mortal realm was really twisted and no one had a clear idea about anything. 

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It was as if Death walked right through!
As the stranger said 'Death', all of the soldiers burst in laughter. "Captain, death… Ha Ha Ha, death he says…" One of them tried to humor the caption while controlling his laughter. Theodore, who was on the ground, felt his threat a bit weird, no one in their right mind would willingly go against the soldiers who were trained to kill. "Let me relieve you of your misery poor bastard." The one soldier who put the blade on his neck said with a sinister look. Others were also not at guard as the person seemed just like any stranger. Without giving much thought, he raised his sword in the air again to chop his neck.
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A halo that spoke?
In the Dungeon, two shadows were speedily running through the caves. From the outside, it looked like a normal cave.The sturdy ruins spoke for the entrance but it was just an entrance, inside the Dungeon wasn’t lined with stone walls but was kept rather raw. As they went further inside, they came to understand that it was by no means any ordinary Dungeon. It was dark and cold inside, and the walls were moist. The wall was lined with crystals and they shone vibrantly in a dazzling way, but that shine wasn’t a lot to guide anyone through. They also encountered various traps, then there was a complex maze-like formation with drywalls and also had a relatively high temperature. .After walking for about an hour
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Secrets of the Plane
"You", as both of them cursed, the ghost on the throne opened its eyes and looked at them. The ghost had a very familiar face, in fact, Theodore knew that person.It was one of the first seven Gods of Balarukh and was once the king of Arboria. He was the one who sacrificed his divine powers to seal off the demons in hell. He was Constantine, the God of wisdom they called him. Both, Theodore and Aeneas, were startled by this revelation. They never expected to find such a mysterious being. After hesitating a bit they both went close to the throne. There were no traps the whole room had no trace of magic or any sort of sorcery..…"It mig
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