Chapter 5: The Mission of the Twelve

“Early this morning, signs of tension have been witnessed among the people of the Southern District. This is because of riots erupting and led to the death of several people as well as destruction of property.

“Though the cause of the riots may not be clear, our sources say that, it had something to do with disagreement about leadership and the people’s welfare. This was after a word with several residents of this district and some of the victims. This is what our representative Maxwell from the District had for us about the matter,” Irene, the news anchor reported.

“Thank you very much Irene. I am hear at the Southern District where people are tensed because of a riot that erupted at around 5 a.m. in the morning. From the very few people that have agreed to comment about it, they say that the problem may have started a while ago.

“As we all know, the Southern District has been faced by many challenges that include shortages of food as well as insecurity. The riot is said to be because of disagreement between those that wanted to speak out for help and those that thought otherwise. We shall continue with more investigation but that is all we have for now.

“The question everyone is asking is, what could have triggered some of these people to stop others from asking for help to the extent of causing death and destruction yet, everyone in the District was faced by the same challenges?

“Could they be intruders from other Districts? As we struggle to answer this question, let me switch you back to Irene at the studio for more news. Reporting from the Southern District, my name is Maxwell, Umoja news,” the reporter said.

Immediately Joe heard these news, he knew something was terribly wrong somewhere. It was not long and he got a phone call. It was none other but John. The call was a sermon for an emergency meeting.

Immediately, he knew that the mission for the Chosen Twelve had begun. He called his office to notify his late arrival and to set things on motion in his absence. He then directed his driver to the location they held meetings for the Chosen Twelve.

Few minutes after his arrival, they were all present. It was time to go to work. These riots and chaos at the Southern District had to stop. To begin with, they had to find the actual source. After a few hours of consultation and investigation, they had an answer. They had found the source of the riots. They were only twelve that were chosen but they had agents all over Credonia. From the police, media and the people themselves. That is how serious or dangerous the Chosen were.

About a month earlier, they had received claims that Tobias, the Governor of the Southern District had gone off course. Claims that he was using the people’s money to pay others to do his bidding were moving around. They could not prove these accusations until that day when the riots erupted. Something had to be done and fast. Since they had already received their cheques for the first mission, all that was left was to come up with a plan to take the proper action.

The easiest thing was to remove the Governor from office, one would think. Remember, the Chosen was secret. Only a hand full knew about its existence. Though they had the answer that the public was needing for, it was only they that knew. Before they could make a move towards the Governor, the public and, the rest of the Government had to be by their side. The only way to do this was by forming a committee to investigate the issue and the Governor as well.

This was the importance of the teachers of the law and reason the funds were most required. Having concluded, it was time for the Chosen to carry out their duties. As they prepared to end the meeting and get to the ground, John received a call. It was from the President of Credonia. Did I mention that John was the Cabinet Minister of Internal Security? Well, if not, now you know. This is why the president had called him. Who else could handle this better than the minister of Internal Security could?

There, was the green light and the proof Joe needed. The proof that, the president knew about the Chosen Twelve. From this meeting, Matthew had to handle the media as tasked. Judas and Thomas had to handle the selection of the committee. Out of the seven ears and eyes of the Chosen, two had to represent in the committee. Finally, Joe had to make sure that the committee is well funded.

It was not long after and, the committee had a verdict. Meanwhile, the minister of Internal Security had to ensure maximum security at the Southern District. With the verdict, it was time for action. The Chosen needed not have another meeting. It was time for the president to sit down with the commission, and the senate as well. It was time to pass judgment to the guilty.

The Governor of the Southern District was found and proven guilty as charged. It was time for Tobias to be stripped off his power. He then had to face the court of law for further judgment. As the people of the Southern District were getting ready to vote-in a new Governor, the rest of Credonia exhibited more faith with their government. The courts too were getting ready to show an example with the disgraced Governor to those others of his kind, and the populaces.

The by-election could not take place before this lawbreaker, Tobias, faced the law lords. The country was eager and waiting to see what fate awaited him. Unalike the story of the Bible, Credonians were ready to crucify ‘Barabbas’.

Meanwhile, everything else went back to normal in wait for this day. Indeed, things were going fast and the day arose. Everybody was ready and waiting for news this historic day had in store. The courthouses were flooded with media and witnesses.

As Credonia waited, there was an interruption of the program to broadcast breaking news. What other breaking news, you might wonder? Well, Tobias had just been found dead at his home that morning. And to think, things would get any better or worse.

There came another mystery for Credonia to solve. That which was meant to be a glorious moment for Credonians turned to sorrow and mystery. In the end, he had died of natural causes and was given the perfect sendoff despite his flaws.

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