BLEEDING NATION: A Man's Worth in the Hands of Another

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BLEEDING NATION: A Man's Worth in the Hands of Another

By: Mutuma J Karuntimi OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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My name is Joe Mzalendo. Mine country is Credonia, a third-world country. Born and raised here, I loved my country just like every other patriotic citizen. As I grew up, all I ever wanted was a good degree and a good job with the government. All that I looked forward to so that I could help others and see to it that things went the right way. I had a dream of transforming my country through fighting and nipping Corruption by the roots. I thought getting in was the right move and the only way to make a change. In the end, I was all wrong. I found myself imprisoned by powers I couldn't control and forces I could not break. Without options, I watched people suffer as I did nothing. It was a stab through my heart. I had to live with the knife through my heart and in pain. It was either that and try to help those I could or die. I not only walked with death but saw it most of the time. It was then that I learned; some things are better done from a distance. I learnt never to put out a conflagration from inside a blazing house.

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Of course, she is a monster…and yes, she is our beloved! What do I mean? How do we love a monster let alone raising one? No! No! No! All the wrong questions. Let us take a step back and think. How long shall we bleed and suffer at the edge of our own sword? What anguish and the hell am I talking about, you ask. Well, let us take it from the top. Let us start with what we missed, or, what we choose to ignore. Who is a monster? Well, English and any other language will tell you that, it is an imaginary creature that is large, ugly and frightening. There it is, large, ugly and threatening. How does one start to fall for such traits? Even bitter is, we fell for it eons ago. We ignored and she got us questioning our intellect. She fed on growing big enough ridiculing the now little angel none values no more. The best way to win a battle is to have enemies fight themselves. It is also true that, the easiest way to lose one is by underestimating your enemy. The minute you have someone havin
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Chapter 1: Joe Mzalendo
“Joe Mzalendo. A name I got from my grandfather, customary to my commune. All I ever wanted was a good job after a degree from the University. I had scoured for quite some time without achievement. Most places, I could not meet the cut; despite my first class honors in Accounting and Finance. Experience was the qualification sought most, and which, I was short of. As it were, mine country Credonia, was not among those that had experience as part of the school curriculum, or, any other for that matter. Wondrously, I got a career I so much wished for and dreamt about, circadian. A senior accountant within the government. An event I categorized miraculous. Things never worked out akin to this in my country Credonia. Nothing was standing between my goals and me. Such a position was hard to come by, expressly, to a fresh University graduate. I swore to make all that was erroneous, veracious; and, to help as many persons as I could. Indeed, my grandfather envisioned the future. Mine name,
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Chapter 2: Joe Mzalendo
Shortly, just after he had finished reading the epistle, he got a call from his boss, whom apparently, he was replacing. He was summoned to the most powerful office in the chain of command to confirm the letter he had just received. It was in deed the best achievement of his life. With the excitement of the promotion, he matched into the office shoulders high and very confident. On the contrary, before, he used to walk into the office on his toes with doubts of his worthy of being in there. This day, he; even became afraid of his own self and developed self-respect to a level he never had for self before. Nothing feels better than catching the president’s eye and attention. Did he just say the president? Of course, he did. After knocking on the magnificently furnished oak door, inside, he went majestically. This day, he had no trouble with the secretary. She; even ushered him into the office, a thing she had left for her fingers in the past. She went ahead to do the knocking on his b
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Chapter 3: Joe Mzalendo
By the time he was turning back to try to save the game, it was too late for him. He did not lose his job though, no. He was forced to play this new game. This is what flipped everything and how his story began. Just a few years in power as the Cabinet Minister of Finance, it was time to renew his subscription. One day, as he was busy in his office working building the Nation, he got a call from one of the very few Cabinet Members they had initiated for office together. It was just a harmless call notifying him of a meeting he was to attend and later a ceremony. The meeting was scheduled for the afternoon of that day. Since he had a tight schedule for that afternoon, all he did was to request for postponement to evening. He was kept on hold for a while and then, the caller confirmed the postponement. Still, nothing was out of place according to him. He just assumed that the meeting was very important for all involved to be present. What he never knew was that, that call was a mark f
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Chapter 4: The Chosen Twelve
It was born, the Chosen Twelve, and, now it needed every bit of their attention and input to survive. Just like an infant in need of its mother’s care and support, The Chosen Twelve needed them all. Credonia and Credonians depended on it. A covenant they had just sealed and nothing could stop them from making their country better. The Chosen Twelve was the Vessel to the next level of development and a better Credonia. Joe may have been selected and named Peter but, there are things even Peter never knew about the Chosen Twelve at first, or, should it be at all? As he was figuring out where to get the money for the Chosen Twelve, in deed, the others too were not asleep. Yet again, he got a call from his fellow initiate who was now going by the name John. This time, it was not about a meeting but informing him that they had come up with an easier way of getting the money for the Chosen Twelve. There was no need for suffocating and possibly chocking the Credonia’s Treasury for their fir
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Chapter 5: The Mission of the Twelve
“Early this morning, signs of tension have been witnessed among the people of the Southern District. This is because of riots erupting and led to the death of several people as well as destruction of property. “Though the cause of the riots may not be clear, our sources say that, it had something to do with disagreement about leadership and the people’s welfare. This was after a word with several residents of this district and some of the victims. This is what our representative Maxwell from the District had for us about the matter,” Irene, the news anchor reported. “Thank you very much Irene. I am hear at the Southern District where people are tensed because of a riot that erupted at around 5 a.m. in the morning. From the very few people that have agreed to comment about it, they say that the problem may have started a while ago. “As we all know, the Southern District has been faced by many challenges that include shortages of food as well as insecurity. The riot is said to be beca
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Chapter 6: The Mission of the Twelve
It was time for Credonia to put that behind and forge the way forward. It was still a win for the Chosen. Though they may not have delivered the final blow, they had still succeeded in making Credonia a better place. One was down and, their first mission a success. Be that as it may, one may think that, things got easier for the Chosen. After all, the moles were just exposing themselves for them to annihilate. This is where they were wrong; moles exposing themselves for them to annihilate. With one mole on their wall of fame, the rest dug dipper into the ground. Far away from even the little penetrating sunlight. They no longer dug leaving lumps to mask any trail that the chosen could use. The Chosen, therefore, had no missions with the moles busy digging deep but, every cloud does have a silver lining. For all this while that these moles were busy digging, Credonia was running without a glitch. As good as that sounded, the Chosen could not rest as long as they knew the moles were bu
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Chapter 7: The Perfect Weapon
Indeed, John was prepared to take the Chosen through deploying this Perfect Weapon in the best and fastest way possible. First, they had to know what or who The Perfect Weapon was. Since their discovery of the moles sending them on a wild goose chase, John was not asleep. To prove this, he pulled out a huge file and placed it on the table. Before he opened the file to reveal the contents, he called it, The Perfect Weapon. Each one of them looked at each other wondering how the file was to be The Perfect Weapon and what could be inside. It was not long after and he got into answering their questions. He opened the file and took the first page. He placed it on the projector for all of them to see as he explained. In this page was the pictures of a few men. Some of these men the Chosen knew while others they knew nothing about. Those few that they knew happened to be top government officials. The rest that the Chosen knew nothing about, they had to let him tell them more about them. The
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Chapter 8: The Perfect Weapon
Their plan worked very well and the soldier rounded up his colleagues. At first, the veterans were nervous about the mission. More so, they worried about how they could do it without their jobs back. With John as the Minister for Internal Security, this was nothing they needed to worry about. He had organized everything and got them back on payroll. Besides the Chosen and these soldiers, only the president knew about this whole mission. Since it was top secret and off the record, the government could not pay them directly. Their pay was to come from the Chosen’s account. Having cleared the tension in the room, they were all on the same page. It was time to plan on how these soldiers would eliminate these giants. Sacrificing these traitors for sake of the country was worth it. So, the answer was simple, they had to die. What was not easy was how they were to die without raising eyebrows. The Chosen never wanted to attract attention to these soldiers or themselves. In the end, they had
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Chapter 9: The Journalist
Unlike other occasions where the path was always cleared in advance, that day had to be different. The last thing Joe and his men needed at Judas’ sendoff was seeking special attention to themselves. Besides, the men in suits had to have a taste of what they were paid to do. As they squeezed their way to the car, Joe brushed his shoulders with a young lady. His guys were ready to take a toll on her but he stopped them. Indeed, they were willing to do what they were paid for, properly without doubt. Joe saw no reason for them to add pain to an already painful day. After all, they had just reached Joe’s motorcade. Besides, she was too innocent to even harm a fly let alone a Credonia’s Cabinet Minister of Finance. Minutes later, Joe was cruising on the highway back to the capital city of Credonia. A place where dreams came true as they said. It was also the heart of Credonia. Though it was painful to loose Judas, it was in the past. They had to let go off it only retaining the memory and
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