Battle of the immortals

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Battle of the immortals

By: Amy publishers Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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In a realm covered in darkness and despair, two figures emerge to shape the course of destiny: Royce, now imbued with newfound power and harbouring a thirst for vengeance, and Grimnar, consumed by a relentless fury fueled by the injustice done to his mother. Together, they invent evil schemes, rallying allies and amassing forces to perform their malevolent designs, casting a shadow of fear over the land. Yet amidst the looming shadow of impending doom, glimmers of hope flicker in the hearts of unexpected heroes. Undaunted by the encroaching darkness, they stand resolute, determined to defy the overwhelming odds stacked against them. As the machinations of evil unfold and the stakes escalate, the world trembles on the brink of destruction. Will the forces of hatred triumph, plunging the realm into eternal night? Or will the unbeatable spirit of courage and resilience prevail, brightening the path to salvation and restoring light to a world besieged by shadows?

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63 chapters
CHAPTER 1: Dawn of Destiny.
In a northern district of the bustling city lies a vibrant marketplace. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle, vendors proudly display their goods while shoppers weave through the crowded aisles in search of treasures. The air is alive with the sounds of bargaining and the calls of merchants begging for attention.The scent of spices and cooking food wafts through the air, mingling with the aroma of freshly baked bread and roasted coffee. Colorful outfits flutter in the breeze, adding splashes of brightness to the day as customers examine the display of goods on offer.The door to the coffee shop quietly creaked open, and Royce Evans slipped in, looking around to make sure nobody noticed him. He kept checking his watch, aware that he was already twenty minutes late for work.Inside, the coffee shop was cozy and inviting. Small wooden tables and chairs filled the space, with people sitting and chatting over cups of coffee. The air was rich with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, mingling
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CHAPTER 2 The Beginning of an Adventure: Destiny Unveiled.
Royce approached Mr. Brent's door gently, gently tapping on it in an attempt to address the words on the letter. But, before Royce could utter a word, Mr. Brent's reaction caught him off guard. Without hesitation, Mr. Brent threw a book at the door from inside with force, his voice raised in anger as he shouted at Royce."I don't want to see you again! You fool!”.Royce slammed the door in anger with his foot, the loud thud echoing through the coffee shop as he stormed away. Whispering furious curses to himself, he passed every staff member he encountered on the road, his words dripping with venom. "Unbelievable! Can't believe this nonsense! Treated like trash!" His voice grew louder with each step, his anger escalating.The guy at the counter, noticing Royce's wrinkled face and red eyes, attempted to ask what was wrong. But before he could finish his sentence, Royce erupted. With a swift motion, he delivered a hard slap to the guy's face, sending him sprawling onto a nearby table. Cof
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CHAPTER 3 Journey into the Eternal realm
Royce took a moment to gather his thoughts before addressing the figure before him."First, let go of my hand right now!" Royce demanded, forcefully pulling his hand away from the figure's grasp."Secondly, when we first met, you showed no sympathy. All you did was tell me to sit up while I was in pain. I've never encountered such disregard. How old are you?" Royce questioned, his frustration evident in his tone.As Royce spoke, the figure's appearance shifted, transforming into flames that flashed toward him. Startled, Royce quickly ran for safety to the back of the tree."Mind your words, young man. I have no age. I exist in eternity," the figure responded sternly, its anger palpable even in its fiery form."What do you want from me?" Royce asked, his voice laced with fear."No questions for now. The danger is approaching," the figure replied."Fine. At least tell me your name," Royce kept disturbing, seeking some clarification to his confusion."I am Aethon Seraphel," the figure d
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CHAPTER 4: Guardians of Eternity
Aethon's response was calm but firm, "The guardians are provoked."Royce's heart raced as he processed the gravity of Aethon's words. "Guardians?" he repeated, his voice barely above a whisper.Aethon nodded solemnly, his eyes betraying a hint of concern. "Yes, guardians. Five hundred years ago, during a time of mining, humans unearthed a powerful artifact they were not meant to possess. This artifact, unknown to them, held great supernatural power. When they tampered with it, they unknowingly unleashed chaos upon themselves."Royce listened intently, his mind racing with questions. "What happened?" he asked out of curiosity, his voice barely loud over the trembling of the tunnel.Aethon continued, his voice mixed with a sense of sincerity. "The artifact, stolen by humans, brought about a devastating war. It unleashed plagues and diseases, causing widespread suffering among humanity. In the end, the humans were forced to release the artifact, but not before sealing it away to prevent
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CHAPTER 5: Chained by Disobedience.
They finally arrived at a door after wandering through the seemingly endless corridors of the vast, silent building. The door stood out, ancient and towering, its surface adorned with intricate carvings and symbols that seemed to whisper secrets of old. "This is it, the gate of the Light Bearers," Aethon announced, his gaze fixed on the majestic door, which seemed to hold mysteries beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.Royce, puzzled and intrigued, couldn't help but ask, "What does that mean?""It means this door is special. It's not like any other door. It opens only for those who are not of this immortal realm. But you, because of your unique fate, will get to go through it" Aethon explained with a solemnity that made the air around them feel heavy."How will we do that?" Royce pressed, his curiosity piqued."I'll go in first to prepare the way. You'll need to wait here for me," Aethon said, laying out the plan.But the thought of being left alone in this eerie, quiet space mad
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CHAPTER 6: Feast Of Abomination.
Its skin appeared sickly and pale, with patches of decaying flesh visible in some areas. Warts and boils dotted its face and hands, emitting a putrid odor that made Royce gag. Its eyes glowed with an eerie red light, devoid of any warmth or humanity, and its mouth twisted into a malicious grin, revealing rows of sharp, yellowed teeth. Its hands were bony and skeletal, with long, jagged nails caked in dirt and grime. Royce was very scared, as he tried searching for the wand, but unfortunately, he had handed over the wand to the being, without any delay, the being, with its wicked laughter, held Royce and dragged him away from there.Aethon appeared in front of the door, his radiant form illuminating the dim surroundings. His shining figure glowed with a sparkling light as he searched the area, his eyes looking around in search of Royce. Frustration etched across his features as he muttered to himself in frustration."Why are mortals so foolish?" he murmured under his breath, his voic
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CHAPTER 7: The Dark Alliance.
As the waiters approached him with offerings of flesh and blood, Royce rejected it in horror. "No, thank you," he said firmly, pushing the offerings away. But the waiters persisted, urging him to eat the forbidden delicacies.The third time they offered him the meal, Royce's resolve wavered. Fear filled his heart as he stared into the hollow eyes of the waiter, whose face changed into a skeleton face before his very eyes. With trembling hands, Royce reluctantly accepted the food. As Grimnar wrapped the robe over his shoulders and placed the crown on top of his head, As Grimnar placed the crown on Royce's head, he proclaimed, "I crown you as a Governor, my second in command.”A surge of power coursed through Royce's veins. It was as though a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, replaced by an intoxicating sense of authority and control. The cheers of the assembled crowd washed over him like a tidal wave, their jubilant cries fueling his newfound sense of confidence.He sealed an
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CHAPTER 8: The Imprisoned Spy
"Tell me, how many machines of war do we have at our disposal?" Royce demanded, his tone bringing no delay in response. The demons, surprised at the mortal who now commanded them, hurried to bring forth their inventory,a list of evil devices designed for destruction.Royce reviewed the list with a critical eye, nodding in approval or sometimes pausing to ask for mutations, ensuring each machine would serve their evil purposes to the fullest. His next command focused on the darker arts. "And the potions," he said, turning his attention to the realm of magic. "I want an arsenal of potions at our disposal. Poisons, curses, anything that can weaken, maim, or terrify. We will use every tool, every weapon, every spell at our disposal to bring humanity to its knees."The demons, now fully aligned with Royce's vision, hurried to obey. They gathered their alchemists, their sorcerers, and their engineers, each group beginning their work with fervor. Brews that could dissolve flesh from bone, sp
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CHAPTER 9: The Dark Invasion.
Aethon brought his armies together in a room filled with radiant light, like a sunbeam glowing through a window on a warm day. The walls shimmered with hues of gold and silver, casting a gentle glow that illuminated the faces of those gathered.One of the beings, adorned in robes of flowing white, spoke up first. "We must devise a plan to capture Grimnar very fast without any delay," he suggested. "We could summon the spirits of the forest to aid us, their knowledge of the land could be useful to help track him down."Another being, with wings shimmering like the colors of the dawn sky, added, "We should create a barrier of enchanted crystals around Grimnar's lair, trapping him inside until we can devise a permanent solution."A third being, with eyes that sparkled like diamonds, spoke solemnly, "Let us not forget the kindness humans have shown us. They have provided sanctuary to our kind in times of need. We owe it to them to protect them from Grimnar's wrathAs they talked and talke
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Chapter 10: Quest For Vengeance.
Grimnar entered his powerhouse, his robe draped from his shoulders to his feet, determination etched on his face. He was set on destroying Aethon's armies at all costs and laying waste to the human world. Approaching a crystal ball, he began to chant, his hands moving over the surface. "Oh, mighty gods of the mountains and desert, hear my call," he beseeched. "Grant me your strength to bring ruin upon my enemies."But twice, there was no answer. Grimnar's frustration grew. "Please, gods, heed my plea," he begged on the third try.Suddenly, the room filled with a blinding light. As Grimnar shielded his eyes, the forms of the gods materialized before him. They towered over him, their forms shifting between earth and sand, their voices rumbling like thunder. "We have heard your call, Grimnar," they boomed. "What do you want from us?”.Grimnar went on his knees and poured out his heart to the gods. "I seek vengeance for my mother's death," he cried. "The humans imprisoned my father in a
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