Chapter 1418 Time To Do Something

After Shirley declares that she thinks she knows who the real father of Maggie's baby is, Kelvin and Daryl don't know whether to laugh or spit fire at such absurdity.

Shirley misinterprets their silence as agreement, “I know you're shocked, but we need to face the truth.”

“What truth?” Daryl finally explodes, “The truth is that you're really in love with Bernie and that's why you invent any kind of nonsense against your own daughter?”

Shirley is surprised by her eldest son's outburst, “Daryl, believe me! I caught Jack Motta blurting this out in the kitchen of Rocha Constructions. The poor guy is so sweet and innocent that he didn’t even have the malice to hide it from me!”

Kelvin narrows his eyes, “Did he confess?”

Daryl frowns, “Cut it out, he didn't mean it literally.”

Shirley smiles slightly, “Of course not, but I got the message.”

“That is, the lady heard what she wanted to hear, and not a true confession of adultery!” Daryl concludes, “I need to go, I'm going to say hello to my g
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