Chapter 1447 Time to Fire Me

Wednesday. Ronaldo is cozy in a sweater and blankets on his legs, sitting in the armchair, watching TV while the children go out to work.

Then the commercial that Jack participated in finally airs on LCN breaks.

The narrator says, “If you want to build or renovate, consider hiring the best construction company in Lagoon City, and one of the top 5 in Espírito Santo. Rocha Constructions has plans for the whole family!”

During the narration, the commercial shows demonstrative scenes of a family in different everyday situations. Jack acts as the husband. The actress who plays his wife is very pretty and attractive.

However, just 3 seconds of the advertisement show a couple's bedroom and Jack with the same actress playing the role of husband and wife who have just woken up.

Jack appears in the living room, “So, Dad, what did you think of the commercial?”

Ronaldo is unable to respond immediately.


William and Caio have breakfast at their house. The coexistence between father and son r
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