Chapter 1465 Dispute for Rosemary

Melissa is at her house, on the computer, focused on writing more episodes for the soap opera 'Sweet Love'. The radio helps her with inspiration from the song “Around the World”, from East 17. Melissa nods her head to the beat of the song.

Dora approaches and smiles when she sees her daughter concentrating, “Whoever sees you like that, thinks you're not working.”

“Let them think.” Melissa smiles defiantly, “I'm going to prove to everyone that I can do it.”

Dora stands by her daughter, “And who thinks you can't?”

“There's always someone,” Melissa grumbles.

Dora prepares to communicate what Josias has decided at the mansion, “Daughter, your father has authorized me to inform you of a decision Josias made while we were at his mansion.”

Melissa shows little interest, “Mom, please, I just want to hear from Josias when I talk about our children. His new life with Angela cannot be of interest to me.”

Dora catches the word, “Cannot? What radicalism is this? No, honey, I'm going to tell you ri
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