Chapter 1474 A Hunky Uncle

Shirley comes home after a day's work as a caterer. The conversation she had with Vânia made her thoughtful.

“I love Bernie and I want him for myself... tsk, why did I open my heart to Vânia? I know she's my friend, but I was wrong to think she could handle my dilemma. It is better to spare her my dramas.”

She turns on the radio for distraction, but another love song makes her uneasy, “Love Is All Around” by Wet Wet Wet.

Someone rings the doorbell and Shirley goes to answer, “Who is it?”

“It's Veronica!”

Shirley answers Veronica, “Hi, niece! How are you doing?”

Veronica enters, “Hi, Auntie! I'm fine, thank you. I think I lost a hairpin around here, I can't find it in my room.”

Shirley smiles, “It's in my room, on the dressing table. Go look for it.”

“Thanks. Phew, my modeling job is going great.” Veronica comments as she goes to her room.

Kelvin arrives next and is already taking off his shirt, “Mom, the door was left open.”

“Son, keep the respect. Your cousin is here.”

But Veronica w
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