Chapter 1475 Deal Sealed at the Pizzeria

Some time later, all of Brazil gathered in several cinemas throughout the country to watch the great blockbuster “The Lion King”. The kids dragged their parents to watch the movie, and that included Josias.

Somewhat embarrassed with the four children, Josias had previously arranged that Melissa and Angela would accompany the four children. Katherine was summarily excluded from the tour, as Josias feared that Kate would take everyone to an erotic movie.

So Ernesto broke into Katherine's presidential suite and snatched J.J from his hysterical, furious mother.

“Let go of my son! NO!”

Ernesto pulled his revolver from his holster and fired it into the fireplace, narrowly missing Katherine. She threw herself on the rug and sprawled on it, shaking with panic and dread.

After that, J.J had fun with his half-brothers at the Lagoon City movie theater.

At the end of the movie, the kids were ecstatic, commenting on what they thought of the movie, while her parents took them out to eat. Josias ind
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