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After the death of Mr. Noah, Trevor was treated badly by all the Noah family. Starting from his grandmother-in-law. His mother-in-law wanted nothing but to separate him from his wife. And his wife didn’t make it easy on him. They kept pushing him around until he received a message that changed his life. But little did he know many were out to get him.

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  • Daniel Elizabeth


    it so good love your twists and the good plot

    2024-04-16 04:20:58
  • Trevor.M.Muma


    Sure will do that now. Just been occupied with school lately. But I will try to be updating maybe three times or more a week. And thanks for time your time to read my work...️

    2023-03-24 08:02:03


    Keep it up

    2023-12-23 16:38:04
  • Bass catcher


    Update with new chapters

    2023-03-17 01:15:14
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62 chapters
The place was perfectly lit. People moving up and down. Some stood at their tables as they sipped on their wines. Other talked about something that he didn’t even understand. He took wine glasses from the tables and served them. Trying to not give them a reason to talk about him or shout at him.But no matter what he did, Trevor was always shouted at. Because of one thing or the other.“No one likes him. The only one that was nice to him was the grandfather. Mr. Noah,” a woman spoke as he took the wineglasses. Thinking he was not listening to their conversation.“It’s sad, really. They have been mistreating the man all the time. But that is what he gets for thinking he can get rich by marrying into this family,” her friend spoke.He just sighed and walked away. Beating down his anger and pain. Just because he had nowhere to go, he had to endure everything they said to him. Whatever they threw at him, he endured through it all.He was an orphan that used to leave in the streets. Until
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He walked to the mansion, thinking things might change tonight. That grandmother will start looking at him the way her husband used to look at him. Even if it brings a bit impact, that will be okay with him.But that was all nothing but helpless hopes. He walked into the mansion, and for sure, people had left. But the places were messed. Wine grasses everywhere you look on the table and wine bottles. Plates of food and all kinds of things that needed to be cleaned.He sighed as he walked where everyone stood around grandmother. Giving her their second presents. He walked with his little box behind.Then he stopped as everyone notices him. Moving aside for grandmother to look at him. He smiled at the woman, but she was just glaring at him.“I. G-got you a-something,” he stammered as he walked closer. All of them looking at him like he was food that just arrived at the table but you didn’t order it.“What could you possibly get that will match to what I got her or what others here got f
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It was morning as he lay in bed. Looking at the ceiling. Again another day for the Noah family to treat him like trash. And before he could even finish that Thought Eliza walked in, rage burning in her eyes.“What do you think you are doing in bed? The house needs to be cleaned. The surroundings as well. Also, I need my food. And I have people coming over and they need to find something to eat. So you better get moving. Since you don’t want to leave this place,” she spoke.He stood up in his dirty clothing. There was even a hole in the trousers, in the left knee to his trousers. He put on his shoes, which looked even worse than his trouser then took a shirt.“And why would you sleep without a shirt, even? They are mosquitoes here,” she spoke.He just put on his shirt and walked outside. Not answering any of her questions. He hoped for her to be nice to him. At least a bit of respect. But she was asking him to leave the house as if they were not married.He went far from her and began
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He left his bike outside as he reached his destination. He entered inside and the all place was sparkling with jewelries. And the bright lighting made the place look even more bright.“Morning sir,” he said to the man on the counter.“Morning,” the man replied, unconcerned.“I want to check something. Actually sell it if it turned to be what I think it is,” he spoke as he removed the locket from his pocket. “Can you tell if it’s pure gold?” He asked.The man took it and began to examine in it. After a few minutes, he looked back at Trevor. “Well, it’s pure gold. But it needs polishing, and that costs a lot of money. Do you have it?” He asked.Trevor Thought about that. The only money he had right now was nothing but cents. He couldn’t even begin to imagine having a lot of money right now. He just shook his head.“Then if you are selling, we need to deduct the money for polishing it.”“How much are we talking about?”“Well, I will give you a hundred dollars for it,” he spoke.“You are
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“Eliza, we have no choice here. The company will be bankrupt if we don’t do something about it,” Jackson told her as they walked into her office after the meeting.The company was losing money. And they had no way of saving it. The only way that seemed to be possible was for them to sell it, or at least allow an investor in.“Think of anything soon. Because we need to keep this company running. Selling it isn’t the best thing here. Allowing an investor to take over is not also possible. There is only one way,” Jackson spoke.She looked up at him. “Couldn’t you do something about it? You are wealthy. I will give you back the money. Please. You are all I have right now,” she spoke as she touched her head. Thinking long and hard about what has become of her beloved company.He walks and sat opposite to her, “I would have helped you if I had what it takes. But my father wouldn’t let me because I refused to work at his company and came here. He told me I think I have grown up and he will n
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He didn’t sleep the all night. He kept turning from one side to the other. The discussion Eliza and her mother, together with the grandmother had kept echoing in his head. They wanted her to sign the divorce papers in exchange for them selling their shares. But he didn’t want to divorce his wife. And he was not going to allow it to happen.Then there is the thing with the call he received. He was supposed to go there in the morning tomorrow. He needed to pass to the bank and get some bank statements for the company he did not know. They told him they knew him and he was supposed to be there. But he was clueless to what it was about. Why they called him for the meeting?He hadn’t applied for any job. But they have been trying to contact him for some time now. He sighed as he turned yet again. His eyes were wide awake.This might just be the thing that saves his marriage. That saves his wife’s company. Because she was the only one that seemed to care about it. They all didn’t bother as
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After another thirty minutes, he reached the company and sent the drive the money he needed. He got out of the car and began walking to the company.Before he could enter, someone called him behind. He turned, and it was an old man wearing some sort of uniform.“Where do you think you are going, sir? This place is not for people like you. Yes, I know who you are. You are the youngest son-in-law of the Noah family. We are not looking for workers,” he spoke.“No, sir, I didn’t come here to—““Save me the trouble. Just leave. You thought by marrying in the family you will be rich? Just leave or I will throw you out myself,” he spoke.Trevor tried to explain himself to the man. But the old man was hell bent on throwing him out of the company. He tried calling Charity, but the woman was not picking up.“What do you think you are doing?” A young woman about Eliza’s age came out of the company. “Do you know the man you are touching like that?” She asked him.“Yes, Miss Mpundu, He is the son-
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He couldn’t even begin to explain what had just happened to him. His life was changing right in front of his eyes. He was apparently the owner of a very well-to-do company. And his account was clouded with cash. The money he could use to do about anything. And he was the best customer at the bank. Making him a millionaire.After the meeting, he went to his office, talking to Charity and listening to what she had to say about everything. She explained more to him about what happened and why he was only finding about this now. She told him a bit about the company and gave him some files he can go through that will help him better manage the company.He had no experience whatsoever about running the company. And that scared the crap out of him that he might fail his grandfather-in-law.Mr. Noah trusted him that much to give him the company. To leave him something that will end up changing his life for the best. That was changing his life.“Charity, I do not know what I’m doing here? I do
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He walked to the front where his wife stood. Everyone was still glaring at him.“Eliza, I told you I will find a way. You don’t have to divorce me to get your company on track,” he said for only her to hear.“Trevor, I don’t have time for this. What do you want? You know what, just leave. We will talk about this behavior at home. And get ready for all of them,” she spoke.“Listen to me, Eliza. I know you didn’t want to sign those divorce papers and I’m not going to sign them. Just give me a chance to say what I have. But those shares will be sold...”“What the hell is he doing here? I thought this is only for family and interested members. What does he think he is doing here? Maria?” A man spoke, looking at Trevor’s mother-in-law.He was Jackson’s father. He looked exactly like his son. very grumpy. With short gray hair. And he wore an expensive suit that seemed to choke him.“I’m so sorry for this, sir. He was just leaving,” Eliza spoke and took Trevor by the hand. “You need to leave
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The all way home he was silent. Allowing her to suffer with questions to what was happening. The woman had no idea to what was happening at all. How her husband happened to get so much money to buy her shares of the company to save her company. He had no money to get a new expensive SUV. Just this morning he was taking a taxi to go out. And now he appeares with money enough to buy her shares. She was drowning in questions and he was not giving her a chance to ask any of them. She couldn’t even think of asking him what was happening because she had no idea where to start. Other than wait as he told her to. For everyone to get to the mansion that was apparently his according to Charity. Half way home, his phone rang. He took it from the holder and Charity was calling. “Yes Charity,” he answered. “I have the papers you needed for the mansion. Should I sent to your email or you will get them tomorrow?” She asked. “You should send them. I need them. And you called at the right time a
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