Chapter 1476 I'll Tell Them

Monday, work day. Except for Katherine, who is once again pounded and crushed in Jock's bed, after the "help" her ex-husband gave. And Jock is equally exhausted after the extreme effort of "calming down" the hysterical ex-wife.

However, Frederick had no pity and opened the bedroom door to wake his partner. He wrinkled his nose at the sight of his naked roommate, but he didn't give up.

“Wake up, stallion! Today is the day for every Christian to work!”

“Ouch, ouch, don't move me so hard!” Jock groans in pain.

“Now you are moaning in pain, but at three in the morning you were moaning from something else!” Frederick mocks him.

Jock smiles depravedly, “I gave my best shot, sexually speaking, to calm the hysterical one here.”

Suddenly they hear Katherine's voice under the blanket, “Stop talking like I'm not here!”

Frederick also shakes her, “Come on, you need to work!”

Katherine has a Herculean effort to get out from under the blanket, “What job? The future Mrs. Rocha does not work.”

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