Chapter 1504 Danger in the Mansion?

Daniel is surprised to see Veronica Montanha enter his office flanked by Melissa and Isabel.

“Are the best writers I have bringing in a future star?”

Melissa accepts the compliment, “Thanks for the compliment. Daniel, Veronica is looking for an opportunity in the soap opera world.”

Veronica and Daniel shake hands. Daniel's smile is very wide.

“Okay, I'm flattered to see you look up to LCN.”

“I want to honor the broadcaster in my city,” Veronica responds.

“Have a seat, ladies.” Daniel gestures and the three women sit down.

Melissa takes the floor, “Daniel, I'm not sure about letting Veronica on my soap opera because we're waiting for the answer about the renewal for the second season. But in Isabel's case...”

Isabel concludes, “There is a character that will be perfect for her.”

Daniel nods, “Well, it's no mystery to anyone that 'Love Just Happens' will be renewed for a third season. So I agree with Melissa. It will be safer to include our dear Veronica in a show that we already know w
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