Chapter 1505 I Confessed My Love

At Marçal Publishing, Bernardo and Maggie talk affectionately about an internal article dedicated especially to them and Henrique. The photo of the baby about to turn one year enchanted countless readers.

“Our baby will grow up to be a beautiful boy.” Bernard admires him.

“Yes, and so I have to buy a carbine.” Maggie gets off his lap.

“Why a carbine?” Bernardo raises his eyebrows, “To teach him how to shoot?”

“No, so I can shoot sluts who'll want to hook him.” Maggie crosses her arms.

Bernardo laughs, “Then start saving enough ammo. According to our readers, Henrique will displace Jack Motta.”

“Schi!” Maggie calls for silence with her index finger to her mouth, “Don't mention the forbidden name!”

Bernardo stops enjoying himself, “Why? Who forbade it?”

“When we mention the forbidden name, my mother appears out of nowhere!”

Bernardo stands up indignantly, “Maggie, we walked away from her precisely so you can stop thinking about this bullshit.”

Suddenly the door opens, “But that's where
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