Chapter 1506 Dora faces the Chaves family

Carmen and Cristina are unsure whether to let Dora in. They've long thought they shouldn't fraternize with the Campos family because of William.

However, Carmen nods and Cristina risks opening the door, “Hello, Dora!”

Dora is ready to demolish the walls and barriers, “Good afternoon, Cristina! I came to see the new mother and the new resident of Lagoon City. Can I enter?”

“Of course, come in and make yourself comfortable.” Carmen passes by.

Dora addresses Carmen, “Hello, dear. Have you mastered the art of breastfeeding?”

“Yes, Dora, thank you so much for coming.”

Dora sits on another couch, “I think we need to talk about a topic that is making me upset.”

Cristina cleverly asks, “Why are we going to talk if it upsets you?”

Dora doesn't get the word out, “No jokes, Cris. Looks like you already know what it's about. When we wanted to throw a party to celebrate Melissa and Kelvin’s engagement, obviously Daryl invited Diane, who invited you guys.”

It's Carmen and Cristina who get awkward.

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