Chapter 1513 Looking for Everaldo

Thursday. Flávia serves breakfast and finds Uélton checking Everaldo's phone in the phone book.

“Looking for whose phone, my love?”

“Everaldo’s number, but it looks like he hasn't been able to get this important technology yet.” Uélton bitterly closes the phone book.

“I look for you, father.” Reuben offers himself.

Uélton pats his son's head, “You worry about eating your cereal to go to school.”

Flávia joins them and helps herself to coffee with milk.

“Honey, yesterday something very funny happened. A cameraman thought I was in a selection process for characters in Melissa's soap opera and recorded me while I was talking to your mother and my cousin.”

“Are you going to be an actress, Mom?” Reuben's eyes are twinkling.

Uélton chuckles, “No, son, your mother will only kiss the heartthrob here.”

Flavia is slightly uncomfortable to see her suspicion come to fruition, “Would it be that bad?”

Uélton shrugs, “Didn't you say that Veronica Montanha was there looking for vacancies? Let them hir
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